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When I Get Old

By ursulav
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Based on a true story.

Grandma was cool.

(I have nothing against the Red Hat Society, it just seemed to fit.)

I was doodling around with a self-portrait, and somehow this vaguely autobiographical moment came out.

Why anyone would want prints of this is beyond me, but just in case you do, they're available for $10 plus shipping. Send a note or visit [link] for details.
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I got bad news for you: in twenty nine states, anything that you can wear on your head without it toppling is legally a hat.
Your membership card is in the mail.
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My mom has threatened to do that to embarrass me, several times.
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I've never heard of anyone sober wearing pants on their head. Apparently I have lived a sheltered life.

I adore the way you draw yourself.
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My grandma could 'bear walk'
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Now THAT sounds like a life goal! :)
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(Sorry to dig up and comment on 'old' stuff; I've been out of the loop for awhile.)

These pics remind me of that series of greeting cards with the old ladies on them and all their sarcastic wisdom about life. Except yours are much cooler and I would totally actually buy one of these and send it to someone.
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Aww :<

I wish my grandmother would do that. Unfortunately, the one most likely too is dead and the other one is a bit conservative.

Oh well, I can start the trend in the family, should I ever get grandkids decades away from now :3 But, then again, my mother is very silly. So she might do it before I get a chance :[ Oh well :]
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My Grandma never does anything cool like that.

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Well, your grandma might have undies on your head... BUT MINE'S FILTHY-STINKING RICH. XP

Lawl, cute pic. XD Underwear = awesome.
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I didn't have any bandannas, so I used to go out wearing my little brother's boxers on my head.

Looked good, too.
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It's Pink PantHER, not Pink PantIES
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Lol. Yeah do it now!
Like your work! ^_^
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Lol my grandma used to do that too. Always to protect her hair from cooking smells lol
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you cheered me up again!
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OOOO! sounds fun......
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why wait 'till you get old?
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:D it's nice to see you illustrate humans once in a while
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LMAO - I'm directing my own grandma to this page (she's in the Red Hat Society, you see :D)

Also, YAY for your grandma wearing underwear on her head. That's what freedom's all about!
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You should make cards of this one. Business cards or greeting cards, is up to you.
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that's so awesome. but why wait till you're old? :b0x0rz::b0x0rz::b0x0rz:
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My grandmother wears underwear on her head (did it since she was 40 apparently) because she was too cheap for get a cap for her rollers...

I hate my grandma.
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hahahaha screw the red hat society
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