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Watch Tuber

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Published: September 23, 2005
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While the house tubers that provide many of the dwellings in this part of the world are relatively straightforward to grow and excavate, the tall watch-tower tubers are much more troublesome to grow. Granted any good patch of dirt and an uninterrupted decade, a house tuber is reasonably easy to cultivate (although the huge mansion tubers are notoriously difficult, and the secret of their vast size jealously guarded by the growers.) Watch tubers, however, require both a special variant of the house tuber strain, and very particular soil, dry on top, but with access to deep groundwater. The plant will send down long taproots until it reaches the groundwater, then bulging into the familiar shape deep in the earth. Excavation is exceedingly difficult because of this depth, particularly since great care must be taken not to damage the taproots, which, once cured and dried, form the tough base of the tower. The enormous outlay of manpower to uproot the tuber leads to the equally enormous pricetags.

Once uprooted, the interior is hollowed out by skilled artisans, windows, floors, and fixtures placed, all of which must be done upside down. The finished tuber is taken to the final location and flipped up on its stem, then anchored into place. While they appear to defy gravity, the immense taproots are as strong as steel, but flexible enough to withstand powerful storms, and the tough rind of the tuber holds against wind, weather, fire, and lots of angry people with arrows. The large wing-like wooden fans serve as semaphores, transmitting simple messages, whether an "all clear!" or "invasion incoming!" While watch tuber duty is often boring or lonely, it's no physical hardship, as the interiors are warm, well-fitted, and surprisingly light and air for what is, in essence, a giant vertical potato.

I have been obsessed with buildings made out of tubers lately. What can I say? And in my efforts to overcome my loathing of the airbrush, I may have gone a little overboard on the pastels. Okay, a lot overboard. Okay, I feel unclean! But the cheesy fantasy misty mountains and this monsterous rough lumpy thing seemed to go well together, anyway.

Digital, painter 7, intuos tablet. Two sizes of prints available, for $10 and $20 plus shipping, drop a note or visit [link] for details!
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I have a bizarre and irrational temptation to try to paint the interior of this thing.
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macmortigan General Artist
very good!
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Journey-FoxHobbyist Digital Artist
so, how are you holding up? BECAUSE IM A WATCH TOWER.
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When I see the expression in your art, I also see a hint of my favorite artist Salvador Dali. You are an amazing artist. Keep up the good work. You're a great inspiration.
GarnethRiparian's avatar
I wanna live in a giant vertical potato!
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dreamseeker82Hobbyist General Artist
I would love to love there...
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Reminds me of the Baba Jaga fairy tale :V
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gamehengraphicsProfessional Digital Artist
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MinorTechnicalityHobbyist General Artist
I love this! Though I'm not sure I'd be too fond of the trip up to the door. :fear:
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animefreak120Student Digital Artist

I kinda want to live in one. xD
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girlsmiled Photographer
i love your work.its hard not to favorite everything in your gallery!
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KallusProfessional General Artist
Brilliant, this is magic :D
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fireinhole8 Photographer
ooooooh that's nifty! i want one, heh
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ChajikoHobbyist General Artist
The whimsey quite overwhelms me. How astonishingly charming!
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CAMartinProfessional Digital Artist
fabulous! the color, the concept... I love this.
ChuckWhelon's avatar
I want to live in a vegetable!
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
This could trancend fantasy; it reminds me of bio-teck concepts in certain
sci-fi Stories I have read.
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cardowl Writer
Weird and wonderful!
Narodrith's avatar
What a crazy thing, :)

It's time for me to get inspired... See you!
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OverstoneProfessional General Artist
this illustration is amazing .... great concept and colouring :clap:
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Very nice.. I feel that the hut itself (the walls) might lack some contrast.. but other than that pretty sweet, good job!
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the gradations of tones , the atmospheric qualities and the quiet whimsy , taken together they provide a delghtful repast ..cudos :+fav: ::salute:
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LimeGreenSquidHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know if tubers are an established thing, or if they are just something you invented, either way, i love this image.
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