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An adult English coonhound runs like a deer. An adult fantasy author (or at least this one) runs like a wombat who desperately wishes she was wearing a sports bra. I can sling mulch for hours, I can dig holes for days, but running is a different specialization.

(Seriously, the dog is about the only thing that could cause me to run these days. I am DONE with running. If a serial killer comes after me, I’ll demand to see his weapon. Anything less than an axe, I’ll just take the hit.) 
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I just thought of that in romance/suspense novel terms..
"If a serial killer comes after me, I'll demand to see his weapon." -ursulav
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Heh, that would probably scare off the average mugger. "Nah, not dangerous enough for me to care."
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I love the running analogies. I have  a friend in military that gets 100% on all portions of the Physical readiness tests except the running where he scraps in an 80%. So I get it! I am even slower in running but I can walk for miles and miles and miles ...... lol!
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Solution- Employ the neighbor's son to run down the dog! XD
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I'm on board with auditioning the serial killer, they must put thought and preparation into it. Show some effort.
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Ah, hounds and wombats. Yes.
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Where...where's the chicken D8
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