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Walking the Kraken

Chubby Cthulhu takes his pet...err...squishy thing...out for a romp!

I don't know, sometimes I just get in these moods...

Original is for sale, prints are available for $10 plus shipping! Send a note or visit [link] for details!
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super cute! Made me giggle :)
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I needed a laugh today. This is so cute. I love the itty bitty kraken.
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Ass *pets the kraken* who's a pretty kraken, who's a pretty kraken? yes YOU are a pretty kraken!
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That is hilarious. I've got to share this on FB.
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no mames!!!!!!!!!!!!! crees k lovecraft quisiera ver esto?????? >=-(
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All hail the great Cthulhu, lord of hilarious parodies. (I hope I managed to spell it right this time.)
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It's just perfect.
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rasta Cthulhu, funny^^...... garden Cthulhu, great..... happy Cthulhu, briliant..... chubby Cthulhu walking the little Kraken..... this is just far from my limits of cuteness ^-^
I can just imagine the wiggly characteristic walk of the Kraken <3 I love this idea.
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Oh God...the line....
"Summon the Kraken!"
Cthulhu: "Here Kraky, come here girl"
*Kraken sqidges up to Cthulhu wagging it's...tentacles?*

Very win :)
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какая прелесть!!!!! ^_^
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d'awwwww soo cute :3 love the pet kraken :meow:
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He's, like, frolicking!
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I smile every time I stumble across this. Thank you. :]
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Oh I love these Happy Cthulhu pictures, they are even more cuter than Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu!
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Oh. My. Goodness. When I saw the folder "Happy Cthulhu and Friends", I knew I had to look at it. But I sure never thought I would see something like this. I absolutely love it.
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this is so cute <3
This turned me nine for several minutes worth of squeeing.
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