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Walking Oscar

One of the hard truths of evolution is that it's an arms race. Every time something evolves to exploit a niche, something else evolves to compete with it.

The evolution of such creatures as the mudskipper and the lungfish, who could escape their aquatic predators by heaving themselves into the inhospitable environment known as dry land, seemed an insurmountable barrier. Eventually, however, the walking oscar evolved, a streamlined wading fish capable of picking its way along the beach and, in extreme cases, running down its startled prey on foot.

The sight of an entire school of walking oscars out for a jog is one of the most magnificent--and arguably most surreal--in the animal kingdom.

...yeah, I don't know either. 11 x 14, mixed media, original for sale, prints available for $10 and $20 plus shipping. Send a note or visit [link] for details.
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Tony... fuckin tony
           -Tim Minchin-

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Hello, :)
This is just a quick message to let you know this peice of wonderful art has been featured in THIS JOURNAL of mine :D

Have a great day :D
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It reminds me weird creature from manga "Gyo", but this one is sweet and fluffy compare to that one XD
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I used to keep oscars, so this is a wonderful thing for me. They used to fight by lip-locking... but I wanted them to do this.
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That's the last thing the world needs! They'd eat everything! Actually, a walking gulper catfish would be much worse.
aLeXiZoOo's avatar
Wow!!! This a really imaginative idea... Is good!!!
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Throw a breathing apparatus on that fish, I'll take it to go.
TitaniumGlass's avatar
Anyone else immediately reminded of Ogden Wernstrom's fish from Futurama?
yes, definitely!
Lhunweth's avatar
The little critter looks a bit confused about how to use those long dancer's legs. If evolution did take a turn in this direction, the world would be a lot more entertaining :trout:
danc1ng1nthera1n's avatar
I can imagine. what a beautiful sight!
tigerbitten's avatar
Um...First it nearly gets strangled by a frog, and now it gets partially digested by fish. That heron should know when to give up and become a vegan :D
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this is awesome...
Inosa's avatar
Outside-the-box's avatar
this appears to be gearworld...
TwilightMusic87's avatar
Wow... it's very mesmerizing. Wonderful!
niki-in-disguise's avatar
Haha! A fish with legs...My worst nightmare...
CootieTourniquet's avatar
uwaha! I love oscars. They're so nifty. And smart. This could actually have the potential to be quite dangerous.
Leopreston's avatar
LOL! It's a plimpy! XD I looooove eet. :love:
skull's avatar
Would you say that when they walk, they bob up and down witch each step, like us, or sway back and forth, like pigeons?

I think I need that clarified, it really is quite important to me...
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Reminds me of something off Alice (that weird surreal version of Alice In Wonderland). Love it!
evelyninthelake's avatar
Wonderful idea!!

You're so skilled!! :faint:
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I saw this and thought "VERY NO" at first; I thought it was that damned fish from Gyo. Now that I see it isn't, I am impressed; it's super awesome. But I'm still wary...
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