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Waiting for Rain

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It was a small creature, and rather squishy. It always carried an umbrella, in case it started raining underground.


This was pretty much a texture experiment. (No, I can't just scribble on a piece of scrap paper like normal people.) I did my usual thing with the scribblies and the rocks, and then pulled out my Secret Weapon--a dip pen, which I used to do the scribbly thing, only with white and grey inks. (That's always been my stumbling block--dark scribble is easy, light opaque scribble is hard.) Then I danced around yelling "VICTORY IS MINE!", which scared the cat, because it worked much better than I expected--if anything, the white was almost too opaque, and I had to keep blotting it. The dip pen absolutely made all the difference. So I was pleased with that, and will probably be using it a lot in the future. (I wonder if that's how Palencar does it? Adding the white scribbly really kicks it up a notch.)

Even though it's all very simple shapes, I kinda like how that works with the relatively complicated textures. What the small squishy creature is, I'm not sure, but it seemed inevitable that it should be carrying an umbrella.

Original is 10 x 15, mixed media--acrylic, acrylic ink, and colored pencil--on illustration board. Original is for sale, and prints are available for $10 and $20, with "It was a small creature..." etc captioned underneath. I take Paypal, check or money order--drop a note, or visit [link] for ordering info.
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Awww it's so cute! It reminds me of Squidward's happy gland owo
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Featured in this news article [link] ;)
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I love this.
And its umbrella is indeed good for underground rain.
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Wow what a fab piece, I love this!
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Cool. It reminds me of like a neuron cell or something cutting through the central nervous system.
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Very cool looking! I think the creature is a manatee. Just a thought. Maybe a close cousin to one. You know, a kind that lives on land, but loves the water?
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Pretttyy, lol <3
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Thats so cute, I also love the colors. ^_^
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It's adorable!
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I'm reminded of The Doubtful Guest by Edward Gorey [link]
A character who has stayed with me for quite some time now :hmm:
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I love him :) he looks like a tiny whale or mannatee to me :) and he's very sensible to carry an umbrella, all the water must go somewhere after it lands on the grass
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I love the little blue fella.
It looks like things I have seen in a dream last week.
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so cute. this makes me happy.
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the squishy thing looks like a just-born marsupial, apart from the fact that it is blue, which isn't much like a just-born marsupial at all.
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I adore the texture! :)
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i just love it. can i have a squishy thing?
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Aaaah, it's like a little squishy Diogenes.
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Very nice. I get the feel of a cold, damp cave!
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The white scribbles look awesome!

Give your cat a scratch for me. :)
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hes sooooooo cute
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