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Vivid Platypus

I love these brightly colored, simple critters...I just need to figure out the kind of background they want to live on. (There's the rub!) Metallic gold is a little better than blank white, but it's still not perfect yet.

I am quite pleased with the design, though. I also think he'd make a fabulous pair of enamel earrings, but I'm not sure how I'd get those made. Probably there's a place in China that does it, but I'd probably need to buy 300 pairs or something.

5 x 7, mixed media (I WILL use that tube of iridescent gold metallic acrylic I bought in 1997 in my lifetime!) on watercolor paper. Original will probably go to MFF with me, unless somebody's just gotta have it first, prints available at Red Wombat Studio at: [link]
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I've been searching for a platypus to get inked on me - my own thoughts on how even god has a sense of humor, and all that. Are you adverse to people doing so? I'd be happy to include the sig mark.
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so. damn. adorable.
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Shhhhhh. You cant tell anyone, but that's perry in disguise. :D
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This is adorable!! I love it!
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Hejin0057's avatar have an amazing eye for color. I love how bright and alive the colors in this platypus are.

Awesome work! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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great color choice! this is so cute!!
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its grate! the lines and shapes are so fluid and teh colors are grate!
i would love to have a figure of this guy. can i make one?
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Use colored Sculpey® clay to make those earrings!
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This is just perfect, I love his inquisitive little eyes.
If you do get some earrings, please let me know, I'd love to buy a pair.
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Wonderful work ^_^
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love the colors
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make it into a quilt I would love to have one
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:meow: it's a platypus
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If you do end up getting those 300 pairs of earrings, I would be more than willing to buy one off of you. ;P
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He's adorable and would make a great pair of earings.
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really love the rendering and shading and the subtle textures along his belly. I love your work :D
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I've fell in love with it! :D
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This is a very well made piece. :)
You're very good at making these characters look slick and glisten-y.
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