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Vivid Otter

I had to start this painting three times. The first time it was too large, and the second time the color went completely haywire, and finally the third time it took. I had taken the precaution of scanning my sketch and printing that on the watercolor paper, so I didn't have to physically redraw the otter every time, which is the only reason the painting ever got done. (Check my blog for more process commentary.)

Fooled with an abstract square background this time, akin to the one on the Blue Otter painting. It sort of works, but it's not quite there yet...maybe I need to do something Klimtian...

I kinda want to do prints of this very small, cut out the otter, and make weird ACEO collages...

Anyway! 8 x 10, mixed mixed mixed media, a little digital, a lot of acrylic, some ink, a good bit of colored pencil, etc. Original will probably go to MFF, unless someone wishes to snag it at the pre-con price. Send a note, drop a line, etc. Meanwhile, prints are available in two sizes at Red Wombat Studio:

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God, I love this!
WolfMoonWings's avatar
This is too cute! ^-^
Otterrz's avatar
omg! i luv otters :D
TNHawke's avatar
I'm so glad it worked out in the end. He's so cute!
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This may be an insane question, but is it a Vivid River Otter or a Vivid Sea Otter? My friend, Bill, who is an otter afficionado is very particular.

I, on theother hand, am less particular since Vivid Anything makes me happy. I dunno if I've ever had the nerve to say hi before but your work alternately thrills me and makes me laugh till my sides hurt. Thanks for both.

ursulav's avatar
It's a river otter--sea otters have different proportions and are more shaggy and less sleek.
VinrAlfakyn25's avatar
He's ADORABLE! :D I lurve him. <3
ysabet's avatar
So cute! His tail blushes. **amused**
glowworm56's avatar
Cute little guy.
Lavender-Ink's avatar
Zoh mah gossssh. I love otters; they are so darn cute. :heart:
LittleMissScare-All's avatar
Reminds me of the traits of the Otter from the Native American zodiac :)
brushtail-thegreat's avatar
is it a harry nosed otter?
trulyquixotical's avatar

*boops its nose*
thantra's avatar
I love it!!!!
JacquelineRae's avatar
phethure's avatar
Love this! :bounce:
i used to know an otter named nemuay she'd like this!
Hymenomycotina's avatar
looks mystical. Like some sort of children's story spirit animal.
enmesarra's avatar
* rubs eyes * It burns!

Seriously though, very cool :)
jedi-gert's avatar
He's otterly cute!
yoshiboy1's avatar
Great work. You know what they say, third times the charm.
0netnet0's avatar
omg that reminds me of a mongoose =D
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