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Vivid Guinea Pig

A wee little piece, at 3.5 x 5. I kept guinea pigs for awhile. They were terribly sweet, terribly cuddly, and had distinctive personalities, but if there is a less intelligent animal on earth, I have never yet encountered it.

I may do mini-prints of this one...haven't worked out the details yet, since the difference in shipping breaks my store. If you must have a mini-print, drop me a line, they'd be 5 x 7, and we'll see what we can do!
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this is so adorable! I want it X3
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I would love to buy a mini print of this! Let me know if you ever decide to do them.
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that's so cool!
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Guinea pigs are not dumb!
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awwwww i love guinea pigs there toooopp cute espesily this one
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I have just made a Guinea Pig group and I am wondering if you could become a member and put this beautiful picture in.

The group is called #Guinea-Pig-Affection (link)

Thank you for you're time

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Great work on this piece. I like the vivid colors and the pose of the guinea pig.
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Awe! Such a cute pic!! I love guineas sooo much <3 Would you do me the honor of joining my guinea pig group please? It's for guinea pig lovers and owners ^^ You can submit artwork, photos or just browse =) Our group is called guinea-piggie-love you can search it or the links also below VV I really hope you decide to, it'd be great. Well I hope to hear from you soon =) <3 keep loving pigzies!
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Awwwwwww!! So cute!
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Very Creative - like the design.
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I know only two animals i can think of that are dumber than guineapigs and there gerbils and beagles. All cute and cuddly and sweet buyt dumb as doorknobs. :)
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Really nice drawing! Very creative!
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I known stubider animanls than guinea pigs ^^ Like sheeps! Or boys!
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Wonderful! Curious, they don't have pigeons where you live? I rank their intelligence lower than the guinnea pigs.
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Aww this is so cute! I've kept guinea pigs for 10 years now. I have to say they aren't the most intelligent creatures though so I agree there. Then again my old hamster took ages to work out that the peanut was on the shelf in his house and not on the floor lol!
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Omg, it's so cute!! @w@ You're like my hero now, I love guinea pigs
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This is *precious*.

So, question...for a very small piece of this sort of size, how much might an original run?
It is SO guinea piggy! Utterly awesome.
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