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Vivid Fox

People kept asking for this one...ah, primary colors! This one didn't fight nearly as hard as the otter, which was like pulling homicidal teeth. Either I'm figuring out how to do these, or I've used up my quota of luck for the week.

6 x 8, mixed media, will go to FC unless I get the legendary offer I can't refuse. Prints available at Red Wombat Studio: [link]
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Gsdlover7's avatar
OMG these ones are amazing!
RabidLeroy's avatar
Beautiful, vibrant, and particularly well textured. :3 You have done a great job!
SandBladeRaider's avatar
I really like your art, it's cute and kinda different from others.
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canadiankazz's avatar
another great one ^_^
bcatt's avatar
These would make great animal tarot cards
KalineReine's avatar
Twain28's avatar
Simply beautiful!! The way yellow merges over with the reddish tail is so pure I need to scream my love to the world!!
bear48's avatar
Jinggo78's avatar
Foxes make me happy. :)
poisonfrog's avatar
Oh, the colors on this one are definitely the best matching of the bunch!
Sylverwyng's avatar
Long time no talk!! LOOOOOOVE the foxy fox. I want one to carry around on my shoulder!!
Vikingonstilts's avatar
favorite animal and favorite piece so far!
animefreak120's avatar
It's so cute. >3<
Gymnart's avatar
Aww, how adorable!! :love:
Gandalf2501's avatar
Nice. I think foxes are so cute! But over in my corner of the globe their an introduced species. Bloody danger to the environment. Shame really.
JRPomazon's avatar
Just a matter of personal opinion, but the tail could have been a little bit more "pointed" at the end. It seems out of character for a fox tail to be rounded. Other than that nitpick, it's very nice.
ursulav's avatar
Gotta agree with the other reply--if you google photos of red and grey foxes, they all have blunt rounded tails. The pointy tail thing is a stylization, probably from Disney's Robin Hood, that got into the mainstream.

I thought about trying to do a different colored tail-tip, like many red foxes, but it didn't look right in the roughs.
Renegar-Kitsune's avatar
But fox tails are rounded D: It is out of character for foxes to have a pointed tail :D
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Symbi0sis's avatar
I'm really enjoying the vivid series.
stokerbramwell's avatar
These vivid critters are so darn cute.

...dammit, now I'm wanting to see a Vivid Bat...
ayuICHI's avatar
Awww sooo cute <333
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