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Very Minor Demon

The Very Minor Demon held out hope that one day he would be allowed to tempt things--beetles, maybe, or lizards, possibly even mice--but none of his superiors seemed to think he'd be very good at it.


Was looking at some poppet art the other day, and that got me fooling with minimalist face much do you need before it registers as "cute," rather than "Get it the hell away before it eats my brain" and so forth. Of course the problem with such designs is that they all start to look alike, and you wind up at the intersection of Hello Kitty and a Shmoo and the forest things from Princess Mononoke and start to make yourself neurotic trying to figure out how to make a distinctive character design from something that doesn't actually have a FACE, and eventually you just need a shot of whiskey and a good lie-down. It probably still looks like something else, but I give up.

5 x 10, mixed media on watercolor paper, original is hopefully come to Technicon with me, but is for sale, prints available for $10 plus shipping. Send a note or visit [link] for details!
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Congratulations, you're photo is the 666th cutest picture in my favorite cute collection.
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Orcus... 1st level.
:‘3 oooh how cute, dont worry little guy you'll show the others how scary you can get one day! Love the texture too :-)
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he's soo cute can i have one!!
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If I saw this guy, I would bring out a sharpie and draw a smile on his face.
HI!!!!!! I am making a religion(no fucking joke) and i was wondering if i could use this pic as my religions god or demon god or wutevah(my religion is about chocolate and stuff)
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Making a religion? What's it about?
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:wave: Your lovely work has been featured in my journal: [link] :heart:
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Beware, mortal! I haz hellish powah!
hoovesandswords's avatar it odd that I wanna hug him? ;w;
XN-o-s-t-a-l-g-i-aX's avatar
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Even so little, it can do great damage. His superiors don't know that. This cute kid will some day become too much of a monster.
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*dies laughing* omg, i love your little rant/reasoning process. plus, i think it's absolutely adorable :D
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I think the hooves make it :-)
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What program do you use :D
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Awwww!! He's so cuute!!
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MUST ...HUG....HIM :iconlawooplz:
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