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Utensilglyph Trio

You know, I haven't got a clue where to stick these. There's not really a category for "weirdly obsessive recreations of petroglyphs carrying utensils for no reason except that the artist thinks they NEED utensils, damnit." I guess it' art. Sure. Why not?

I think these are out of my system. Mostly. Well, the one with the frying pan on fire might be amusing...

Anyway, this is a set of three 3.5 x 5 little clayboard panels. (Yes, that's Forkopelli on the far left...)
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I really like it. A shame that you don't have this trio up as prints. A triptych with these three would definitely be a highlight in my dining room.
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if this was a print it would go in my kitchen as soon as possible.. any way to make this and the sporkbringer a 4glyph print?
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That reminds me of The Neverhood :giggle:
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Oh, ursula... you've outdone yourself again. :D

I love you... I mean, eh, your work. Love your work. :nod:
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it's so cool
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it's so cool
maia07's avatar
it's so wonderful
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this would be great in MY kitchen... to go with my Day of the Dead potholders... :star:
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Love, love, love.
That's all I can say.
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Petroglyphs are some of my favorite things ever. You have made them... better. Damn you. Raaaaaaar!
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wonderful and fantastic pieces <3
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Those are awesome. :D
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really like it, it's very different from your other works
Thee are super cute.
and would look fantastic in a kitchen :o
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Oh, and I would like to see that frying pan :p
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I've always had such an appreciation and respect for your art girl, but jesus really the descriptions are always half the worth of the submission lol... It's the main reason I actually open the deviation to look.
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These are wonderful. Seriously, so funny.
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haha this is awesome xD so cute!
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I want this for my kitchen wall! : D
Flying-seacow's avatar
Those are to cute. And I love the colors, it so warm and happy.
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Yes. There needs to be one with a frying pan on fire, just because, well, how would you draw one in this style?
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