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This was my initial concept for the CSLP poster design--it's a program to promote reading, the theme was "make waves" so I did a giant squid and a bunch of puffins with waves crashing on towers of books and so forth. I think it's actually a stronger design, as such, but they decided this was more suitable for kids and less for the young adult side, so we went with a more serious kind of "sea-god" concept.

Pity, I liked the squid. We tried giving him an iPod and coffee to get him more teenager-like, and I was gonna give him a little goth puffin friend with combat boots...ah, well. Cartoony is really more my stong suit, but this is often the way with design, and they did have a valid point. And the sea god came out pretty nifty.

Still, one of these days I may paint the literary squid just for my own amusement.
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Way cute, I love it.
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looks like mtg
I think you've just drawn PZ Myers in his natural form.
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heehee, ur own amusement is always much more amusement for the rest of us YAY! :w00t:
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I AM a teenager, and I LIKE him. Sea gods are lammeee... in comparison to squids in flooded libraries.
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Paint the squid! Do it, woman!
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This would make a FANTASTIC poster D: And I'd eagerly throw myself in the pile of people who would buy such a poster.
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I love this. I love this hard. You should make it anyway and then I'll hang it in my office in the library.
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Question! Do you use copic markers? And if so, which kind? If not... nice squid. Ok, nice squid either way.
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I think the design was probably "too hip for the room" as in it's not immediately obvious.

Oooh, it would work on a subliminal level. Perhaps put out a line of folders and notebook covers like that person who does all the tigers and dolphins cavorting in space.
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Snerk* I love the little piercings.
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ahaaa, i thought his coffee cup was a jar.. as in.. reffing that fact they always throw out there about how squid and octopi can open the lids of jars and stuff... *random*

anyway i agree; very cute and clever ^^
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Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a Mickey Mouse in Fantasia vibe? O_o Just me then? lol I love it and would love to see it finished. It would be a shame if it was left like this when you could bring so much more life to an already vibrant piece.
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this would make a wonderful shirt. 8D also, would be a neat poster, as squids are amazing critters!
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And I bet my friend Aiden never would either.
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Pshhh I think this is better than some adult-like sea god.
I mean, who doesn't love squids?

I looove squids and octopi. they are so adorable and squishy looking.
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I'm 31 and I totally love the squid idea!
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I would buy a poster of the Literary Squid. Just sayin'
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Architeuthis bibliophile.
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Busy squishy sqid... :XD: AWESOME! I love it. :thumbsup:
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I would love to see a finished poster of the Literary Squid. TWBAGNFARB
bluecreekphotography's avatar
This would be darling vote is yes...if you are taking votes that is!
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Squids are awesome! He kind of makes me want to read... if I didn't have so much art to do and a little boy to chase. Lol.
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