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Unfinished Toad Demon

This was based on a dream I had. Seriously. There was this rather untrustworthy priest type, and he turned to me and said, very cheerfully, "I've been saving a toad demon in hell for just such a special occasion!"

Never could figure out what to do with the characters, though.
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ahhahaha awesome!
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O_O Why would he save one . . . ?
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it looks like it's was a wild dream lol
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HAHAHAHA! Lovely dreams. :D That toad demon is so cute! I like how you used purple for him. ^^ :+fav: Great stuff!
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hehe amazing ... and a bit funny ;P
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I've had countless dreams like that, many of which I have drawn on for my inspiration in my art and literature. One in particular involved small hamster-priests in habits (honestly, I didn't even know you existed at the time) who drew there power from a hanging orb on a low ceiling (which I stole in order to make a quick buck) Love this!
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This just screams out: aren't I the cutest, please smile.
Nice work, man. Very imaginative.
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Now that is just /cool/.
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lol, wierd : ).
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He kind of looks friendly. :)
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Awww, I really like this one, unfinished or not.
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I LOVE the backgrounds colours o,o you should finish it one day. I diecided to finish some old stuff recently and I can say : its a good experience as well.
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there should be more toad demons in the word :D it looks soooo great xD
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Wow! Brilliant! I want a toad demon.... Love the wings.
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I like it. The frog demon looks so cute.
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lmao, that's hilarious. XD love the expressions
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I like that toad demon.

Your dreams have an odd reflection rather similar to mine.
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I love the insight this gives to your style of working :) Plus it's a damn good pic that needs finishing :)
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Haha, he's cool :D
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XD I love this frog demon thing.
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