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Unfinished Mycologist

I worked on this one for days and finally ran out of steam. Tripped over it as I was cleaning through my hard drive. Hmm, I should really finish this one had mushrooms! And a truffle pig! What's not to love?
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Wow, those are actually identifiable mushrooms! (Boletes! Morels! Turkey Tails!) I love this picture. Your mycologist is lovely, the texture on her robe is positively yummy. I really hope to see this one finished!
Kieranfoy's avatar
A mushroom mage? That'd never get off the ground.
aurickandrien's avatar
Just going back through my old favourites and sighing over the fact that we haven't seen a finished version of this. ^_^
atomicbunnie's avatar
I love what you have here so far. I hope you do finish it someday.
Trace-elements's avatar
Finish it! I ove piggies :cute:
the-darksiren's avatar
This one is really beautiful! I hope you will finish it one day.
etheria's avatar
FINISH IT pleeease! i love the pig.
azathoth-the-second's avatar
I love mushrooms. And the truffle pig!
HyenaTeeth's avatar
There's an astounding amount of detail in this, and it definitely seems to deserve being finished.

On a sidenote, it seems interesting to me that you seem to have an almost elemental method of painting (i.e. parts and pieces... a hand, then a foot... rather than the overall piece) and yet still have such perfect unity in your finished work. Random observation. I'm too tired to be trying to interact with people.
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Finish it! Pleez! It looks so awesome! Mushroooms :drool:
HomieBear's avatar
One thing that's neat about these unfinished pieces is it shows some of the process involved.
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Ooh, I'm glad you might finish this one... I love just the fact that she's a mycologist, but she's holding a friggin' pig! AWESOME!
valium-bullet's avatar
She rememebers me some Disney-ish character
WildeGeeks's avatar
...but it lacks dead goldfish. :P
Scilens's avatar
Hopefully you finish it :) It would be worth the time, I think
BlackBirdInk's avatar
i miss your writing.
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This is possibly my favorite of the unfinished pieces you just gifted dA with. I love her expression, but especially love the pigs'. What in the world did she do to it? Steal its truffles?
these people obviously don't know your muse:

"ahem... there is no way you could finish this painting so that people would be remotely interested in a truffle-snuffling pig"

(hope that was challenging for her enough because I think it's wonderful - good thing your muse doesn't read parantetical statments : )
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I adore the colour scheme on this...It would be lovely finished!
keight's avatar
This one is a definite "finish me" when you get in the proper mood.
Gothic--Rouge's avatar
my pomeranian looks like a truffle pig the way she snorts while sniffing for crumbs... random thought.. can't help but think it when the word truffle pig comes up, awesome pic so far, you have to finish it
Finished or not, those are some lovely mushrooms.
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Would be really good to see completed :D That pig looks really cross!
fuhrmannskoffer's avatar
wow thats awesome!
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