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Unfinished Midwife



The Sings-To-Trees painting that never got finished. I'll leave it as an exercise to the viewer whether I ran out of steam or whether good taste simply triumphed. Nobody really wants to see what goes into large animal vet work....

Seriously, I've never known a vet who's every story did NOT begin with "So there I was with my arm in a cow..."
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I can totally sympathize with poor Trees here. As someone who also loves animals with that grim putting up with it while they bite and claw and crap on you determination that keeps us coming back with bottles of warmed milk and bandages even as our bruises heal, I've experienced a few moments like this of my own. Sure, everyone is willing to help out when it comes to bottlefeeding that adorable deer fawn...as long as it's not the fawn's first time having a bottle, so you have to do that gripping them around the nose and forcing the nipple into their mouth and holding it there while they fight and struggle until they finally realize that that strange rubber thing has food in it. It's so cute when that tiny foal takes it's first steps, and everyone wants to be there to coo at it and remark on how adorable it's little hoofy-woofies are...no one wants to be there for the parts that involve getting kicked a lot, covered in blood and amniotic fluid or cleaning up the afterbirth, or even to help muck out the stall afterwards. It doesn't take a lot for someone to love animals and want to help them, but it's a lot harder to still love them and help them when the work is dirty, hard and often undignified, particularly if the animal in question is one of those that lacks the standard qualities of beauty or cute.