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Unfinished Goldfish Angel

A weird looking kid who's job was looking after the souls of dead goldfish. Possibly decided this was too saccharine an image even for me, never finished it.
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Maybe it's not an angel, maybe it's a Tengu, and the fish are fairy fish. Have you read "Tinker" and "Wolf Who Rules"?
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I like to think there's somebody looking after the souls of dead goldfish.
lantairvlea's avatar
It's really cool to see these unfinished pieces, which gives a better idea of how you go about your art.
Eidolon-Grey's avatar
Well considering the kid has to hang around a lot of toilets, you could play with that a lil more and make it less saccharine and more bizarrely touching ;)
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Scilens's avatar
strange (in a positive way) idea.
I like it :)
amethyst42's avatar
He's a child looking after dead things, how saccharine is that?

(not a lot!)
mysticnova7's avatar
I like this one... even unfinished.
evilcarp's avatar
Maybe it was too saccharine, but I really like the idea of someone looking after the souls of my poor fishies.
soraneko's avatar
I'm really liking seeing your sketch-work on these... it's really cool to see the 'bones' of your awesome work :3
Raeklore's avatar
Perfect job for a young angel.
Inkspider's avatar
oh my god.
awesome idea!

I feel less guilty for all the goldfish i've killed.
Zyenthillias's avatar
Oh for cute!!! *is a total Goldfish nut* I love it! Such a cute idea, too...Makes me feel better knowing all my lost little children are being looked after in the place they belong after death! XD *huggles her goldfishies*
ImaginaryGoddess's avatar
Oh it can't be too saccharine when death is involved. :) he's really cute.
SurlyQueen's avatar
I love the idea behind this, but I'm not jazzed about the combination of soft colors and the heavy inks on the body...But then this is unfinished, so perhaps that's not fair!
Archangelbeth's avatar's very cute. And the world needs more blackwinged angels.
Skylanth's avatar
Not too sappy, even for you. There's dead things in it! Faved because I have this thing for air-fish.
Shirokou's avatar
The detail to his expression and drastic shift in style is one of its granduer features. Rock on, goldfish angel.

pearwood's avatar
Bah. Do what you did with the Painted Turtle painting a few years back and add a naked lady to make it socially acceptable.
chocolateviera's avatar
I think the cartoony style of the unfinished part looks kind of cool. I love the idea of a goldfish angel ^^
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