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Unfinished Depression

Oh, yeah, nothin' heavyhanded about the symbolism here at ALL....
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Is this with that black dog? :o
Hi ursulav,

Love the feeling of this. Would you mind if I used it for a non-profit music video (a song about depression)?

"Grey" is the song: .
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a good try to picture depression in some way.
EmperorNortonII's avatar
That gives off a feeling of depression!
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Actually, i kind of like the unfinished feel to this... makes the depression metaphor seem more intense.. because of the amorphous nature of depression itself. Or Something. Hard to put into words...

At any rate, i certainly relate to it, speaking as one who has been struggling with depression for over 25 years.

Harena of ~woozalia
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It looks finished to me, perfect like it is.
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...Is that a demon Kangaroo?
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totally awesome! Dx
I love the point of, it, the soul, the whole thing is just impressive :omg:
this sketch deserves a fave! and to be finished!
xxdeceptivexx's avatar
Sadly beautiful.
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The tail looks like the Bloody Tongue mask of Nyarlathotep.
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This one is well worth finishing, Ursula.
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...One of the non-Digger webcomics I read has started using those dark spirit-types to show lingering badness.

This, like the comic, is a really good image.
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You're depressed!? *hugs* I'm sorry. *hugs again* It's really pretty. And the wolf is cool. Maybe he's trying to swing around to comfort her? *hugs againx2*


It's really pretty in drastic colours, thumbs up.
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Very nice work. The figure is brilliant. :nod:
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Wow hey, that's VERY different from your usual work. I really like this <3
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We all feel a little emo sometimes... =P
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"emo" is stereotypically funny just exactly because of the way you used it. This isn't "emo."
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I'm fascinated by depression. Mostly because I fight with my own depression on a semi-regular basis.. I feel like there's a sort of cultural stigma regarding depression. It's like people can't let others see they're unhappy. I don't understand it. Why should everyone pretend to be happy all the time?

Anyway, I was wondering if this was influenced by personal depression or the depression of someone close to you. Don't feel like you have to answer.
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makes me think the person is being pee'd on...
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Wow, this is awesome. The symbolism doesn't really feel heavy-handed to me, either.
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That's quite intense. I agree with the person above who called it "forbidding."

It feels right. It feels like that unshakeable depression. I like it. It's unsettling, but I like it.3
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i can 'feel' this more ways then one!
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