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Unfinished Demon Tomato

...I should probably actually paint this at some point.
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Paint it! Y'know you want to...
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I once read that tomatoes were believed to be poisonous!
That's why they were thrown at performers who were being booed off the stage.... the audience was often trying to poison them. Tomatoes are related to deadly nightshade, so people used to assume that they too were poisonous.

I'm actually dating an actor who uses this as his excuse for hating tomatoes.

oh... and please make this into a painting! ::hops around::
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Heheheh. I'm allergic to tomatoes. I love this!
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Yes. Paint this, Ursula, Do. And i shall give you moneys for it. :heart:

Harena of ~woozalia
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that tomato has every right to be going after the mouse. How dare the mouse destroy a tomato for simple condiments that are quite available in any number of artificial forms.
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LOL!!! Yes, you so need to finish this one.
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:omg: I would love to hear the story behind this pic. :D
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hahaha that is really cute!!!
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demon tomato! <333
I love it xDD so cute <33
:aww: I'm actually looking forward the whole finished thing :aww:
"Never again shall you use me for ketchup and spaghetti sauce! Arrrrrawwrrrrrawrrrawrrrr!"
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lol, ketchup bottle... no wonder that demon tomato's ticked off! :XD:
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Oh, I would totally risk demonic tomatoes to enjoy my ketchup *huggles the ketchup* run little rodent run!
that's hilarious! the little rodent is too cute!
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Oh, poor mouse.
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AaaaaatAAAAAAck of the killer TOOOOMAAAAYTOES......
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Hehehe Gotta just love those demonic foods.
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This so reminds me of a silly little turn based RPG called kingdom of loathing. 2 of the classes are a pastamancer and a sauceorer. this is totally the type of beast you have to fight in the game.

kingdom of loathing
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:rofl: Now I've got the theme from 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes', the TV series, in my head. :lmao: That's one that should definitely be finished.
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Yes you should... :D Awesome idea!
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I bet that tomato has the Power of High Fructose Corn Syrup.
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