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Unfinished Courtship

Every now and then you get almost to the end of a painting and then you look at it and go "Okay, what the HELL am I smoking again?"

I think the title of this was "The Strange Courtship of Crossface and Bullseye," and if anybody can tell me what the heck I was thinking, I will very very impressed.

I'm pretty sure he was going to be holding the nefarious egg, though.
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Hmhmhm...I love it! Absolutely! A dozen faves worth!
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hmm its some thing about couples get divorced and what happen with there child.. the man looks greedy and the woman care-full in some aspect maybe with the symbolism in the face.. but also in some kind faceless and soulless
also it remind me in some way a bit on the "depression" picture I commented before, why ever...
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Whatever you were smoking, you need to start sharing before we all get jealous.
Ok, I've been up for 3 days and am currently enjoying the auditory hallucinations accompanying this mindset, so I am glad to give a crack at what you were thinking when you painted this,
It strikes me one of two way, first both “crossface” and “bullseye” appear to be female which makes the term “courtship” interesting in this concept. Bullseye does appear to have masculine overtones in the head and is the one is holding the “egg” I'm going to guess of fertility and trying to covertly abscond with it. Further the face of this character has the extra red in the face and the lines are emotionally tilted towards the wicked, angry and unkind.
This view I feel is more supported by the fact that this character has been placed below and away from “crossface”. The egg is also the “whitest” object painted so I think it far less “nefarious” then it might have supposed to have been.

Crossface, by contrast has the more obviously feminine features and is places above and behind “bullseye”. Further Crossface has no hands which indicate a helplessness to stop or prevent what is happening. The hands if they had been there would cross over the heart but not in a benevolent way, but more posed as shock or surprise.

So if I had a guess, I would say it’s a subconscious expression of some kind of infidelity or a mechanism to cope the fear associated with the loss of a child, perhaps there has been a kidnapping on the news or such.

The other possibility is that “Bullseye” has a secret and is quite disturbed to have been discovered. Obviously this secret has surprised crossface and the fact that the legs are more transparent might reflect more towards a memory that a current situation.

Or…it could simply be bad frozen burrito that mixes poorly with medication :)
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It's very surreal.
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Whatever you were smoking ... it's awesome :D

I think those kind of artworks are the most interesting. Who knows, maybe they are like dreams and if you look at them closely enough you can decipher their language and figure out what exactly your brain is trying to tell you. :aww:
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Reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth for some reason, but it's good :D
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This somehow reminds me of Silent Hill. That's all I can think of. It's cool, though!
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wierd.. i have no idea what you were think.. but its interesting.
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Interesting because "courtship" would not have been the first word that came to my mind without the title. The postures might have never indicated that to me, in fact. There is a strange juxtoposition of title and piece, which is neat. And open-ended paintings are always fun. I really like the composition. Anyway, it's a cool unfinished thing, and so different from your normal stuff that I was truly surprised when I opened it.
To me, it actually looks more like he's hoarding the egg and she's attempting to win it from him using her feminine wiles.

Something along the lines of "My egg!" "But you said you loved me!"
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If I were some pretentious art critic I'd talk about how "the crossface obviously represents religion, a priest on the pulpit while simultaneously representing the virgin mary and her innocence and modesty. The Bullseye represents the congregation, taught to be fearful of divine retribution from the so called loving god, and the scorn of priests if they should fail. The egg represents eternal life in the form of the congregation's soul. They turn to the priest for advice with thier mind and thier eye, but thier body is fearful for thier soul which the church feels it's able to judge before God's due turn."

or something equally wierd.
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Ooh, i really like this one! Be awesome to see it finished, even though it already looks mostly finished!
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Crossface: "Is that for me?"
Bullseye: "No! It's mine and you can't have it!"
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And here I thought from the title that it might just be some mushy picture of Celadon and Sings-To-Trees :D. Though (having been watching your work for a while) you and "mushy" just don't seem to go together very well. Still it's pretty intriguing. I like seeing how the unfinished parts show your process.
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regardless of how screwed up this is, it is very impressive. :)
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when i look at this, all i hear is bullseye going... 'my, egg, oh my, yes, my egg... hehehe' in a very small voice...
i think i might be on the same stuff as you... cart us away now!
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This lends itself to an endless amount of really funny captions. XDD
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it looks like a german mime opera
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It looks to me more like he's saying "No, my egg! No touchie!" XD But it looks awesome either way, and if you're that close to finishing it seems you might as well finish it. ^^
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But I love your weird shit!
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I think it's beautiful.
I dig unconventional, and this piece is wonderfully bizarre.
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I like it. Makes me think of some bizarre Romeo & Juliet.
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I kinda like it as it is. The Bullseye's bullseye seems kinda angry to me, for some reason.
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