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Unfinished Capybaras

Obviously the problem here was that it was absolutely straightforward wildlife art, not a hamster or turnip in sight, and c'mon, what's up with that?
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reminds me of a
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How about a piranha in a medieval helmet with a spear? Right in front of the first capybara's nose?

Or a frog with a fiddle.
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I love these creatures, I think perhaps you could put in a hamster riding on his head, because obviously the hamster could not cross this water on its own.
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They are not capybaras. They are . . . SUPER GUINEA PIGS! :superman:
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I could see you putting a smaller rodent on the one in the foreground's nose... it'd work!

The order you work in is intriguing, I'd have started with the capybaras, personally x:
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Capybaras! My favorite giant aquatic rodent!
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I wish you drew some capibaras, I adore those animals... ^.^
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This looks awesome. I like how you start on the backgrounds first - I need to remember to do that, especially when I'm not doing digital and then forget that I can't just add in an layer *rolls eyes*
But capybaras are awesome and I'd love to see you finish this. Aren't giant rodents as cool as hamsters and/or turnips? (I wonder if there's a turnip equivalent that the capybarars are obsessed with that you could add in...)
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;) Looks really cute so far.
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Just tree elbows.
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Hooray for capybaras! They look angry about something... Maybe someone stole their turnips.
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It needs a fez, obviously. It could be the one fromt he other painting, or a close relative :P
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I love capybaras! They're adorable.

Also, the background is very nice. Definatly worth finishing.
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I love this, it shows a contrast in how much detail you put in the tree from the river and animals!
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Looks interesting. In a way, it's a shame that your fluid line work will be buried when its finished. :nod:
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resisting urge to throw out Monty Python & Princess Bride quotes
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I would actually love to see where this would go.
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maybe if you put obviously-too-small wings on their backs. or a random flying sheep. that's usually how i compensate for sudden creative hitches. the sheep... not the wings. i think the wings are probably more your bag.
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capybara make up for the lack of turnips!
this is awesomeeee
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You know, everyone else in the whole world would have drawn the capybaras first and just given up on the background and plants. But not Ursula Vernon. :) She's just that awesome.
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I like the mood of this one.
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Well...The Capys could have little Guinea Pigs holding Turnips riding on their backs! Well, Guinea pigs CERTAINLY aren't hamster replacements, but they're just as awesome.
Duuuddee you gotta finish this one. I Love Capys!! And your background already looks so nice and detailed! ^^
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forget hamsters and turnips for a day - finish this one!
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