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Troll and Squash

By ursulav
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I rarely draw art of my own comic characters outside of the comic itself--not because I don't love them, but largely because I already do the comic, where they get plenty of face time, and and I like to spend my non-comic art time exploring other realms.

But dangit, I do love the trolls.

The trolls showed up in "Digger" sort of backwards--I had been drawing them anyway, entirely seperately, and then I found myself with a troll-shaped hole in the story, so I plugged 'em into it. (This sort of thing happens a lot.) Trolls are large, good-natured, powerful, and probably capable of great ferocity, but they usually wind up cavorting in the tulips instead.

The grumpy looking squash is, in fact, a murderous vampire squash, although he's mellowed a bit for this shot.

This painting is a return to probably my very first mixed media technique--I did a detailed pencil sketch, scanned it, "inked" it, and colored over the top. I worked on this thinking "Wow, that takes me back!" Not a style I'd want to work in exclusively, but it's fun to revisit. The original 11 x 14 pencil piece will be for sale in the art show at Anthrocon. I had originally intended this for a possible Digger cover, but the format didn't work out, so I'm doing another, similiar piece in the correct format which'll hopefully fit better.

Most of the archives of Digger are currently free during the voting for the Eisner awards, but generally they're subscription only. The current update is always free, however. Print volume 1 is out, and 2 is on the way! If you'd like to read the currently available archives, mosey on over to [link] and check it out.

Prints of this image are available for $10 plus shipping. Send a note or visit [link] for details!
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*gasp* I have found the legendary author of the fantabulous Digger...completely by accident?! I LOVED that comic! I've re-read the entire thing like four times! I found it while looking for vampire comics...if not for that grumpy squash I never would have seen the amazing story of Digger of Unnecessarily Convoluted Tunnels!
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so where these trolls based on any particular folklore story? (i've found that "troll" seems to encompass a rather wide array of beings in scandinavian folklore, but i can't say i've run across any that are described looking like these guys..)
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Troll is placated... you will be spared.
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awww its adorable... :)
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Looks like Entbrat from My Singing Monsters.
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this is really cute :D
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This is really cute <3
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funny looking little fella :] but still very adorable :D
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it just looks so damn satisfied!=D
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This is the most adorable thing I've seen.
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I wish i could draw like that.

Nicely done, mate.
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That's so cool! He looks so relaxed...
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aww so cute ^^
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I love the colours in this piece. Just lovely...
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i love the way the squash looks so much deadlier than the troll.
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aaaaaaaaaaah I love it!
hehehehe si funny and cute the smile is so funny.

I want it!
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More creative ideas! More, more! =^^=

Oh, my, I don't even know how to put into words why I find this picture so satisfying! LOL :XD: Well, what's not to love!? lol - wonderful mellow squash and frog-like-troll with that good ol' marsh feeling in the background. :3

Again, just such a nice lil concept - it makes me smile too much for my own good.. A______A *dies*
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Oh my... He's just... so cute! I just want to poke his slimy little belly. :D I love the variation in your lines, and the addition of the little square in the background; just seems to finish off the image. Great job!
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I am LOVING the comic Digger. I, by the way, am one of those people on which your geology humour is not lost... being a geologist myself.
So, what are the Eisner awards, and how can I tell them how cool this strip is? Cause it deserves to win, as any good underdog should!
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He looks so happy...elated even..lol. I have to thank you for the wonderful smiles your artwork puts upon my face. Such a wonderful treat!
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IEEEEE! love its expression.
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that is the most adorable snooglywoogly cute froggyramtroll ever. ;o;
i just want to squish it!

and digger is out in print? O_O I AM ON THAT LIKE WHITE ON RICE. :heart:
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thats great! great design with the plant and rectangular shape
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