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Tribal Tapir Babe



Anthro art, like most other fantasy art, suffers from Scrawny Chick Syndrome, wherein 99% of the women portrayed fall in the roughly 5% of the actual human women that are six feet tall, weigh 110 pounds, and have DD breasts. Relax, I'm not about to embark on a tirade about the media stereotypes of women, since I paint plenty of skinny chicks too--I just wanted to paint somebody who was heftier and yet still contrives to look kinda cute (or at least she thinks she does, and I'm not gonna argue while she's holding that spear.) And who better to carry off a bit've pudge than a tapir? She's a Brazilian tapir, not the black and white Malaysian breed, and since I've been enjoying painting weird species lately, I figured she was a good candidate for it.
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I knew a girl with a figure like that who was disappointed with it for a while, until I told her that there's more of her to love. She's been happy ever since.