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One of the centerpieces of Miss Tansybaum's Circus of the Moderately Peculiar, Lydia and her Trained Zucchini thrilled and astounded crowds the world over (or at least the crowds on the circuit the Circus of the Moderately Peculiar traveled.) The zucchini, a veritable vegetable polymath, could accept commands in six languages* and while few of the other performers would describe Lydia as warm or friendly, even her worst detractors would admit that she could certainly train a vegetable.

Despite her apparent standoffishness, Lydia harbored a sensitive temperment. When Lord Maggothaunch's Carnival of the Un-ordinary headlined an act involving sequin-clad twins with performing eggplants, it threw both Lydia and the zucchini into a depression that lasted weeks, and it was only the intervention of her fellow performers that convinced them that the show must go on.

Um....right, then. Another bit of wall-jewelry, 8 x 4, mixed media like crazy--decoupage, ribbon, glass tile, acrylic, paper, clayboard, illustration board, a couple of skin cells from the artist who was maybe a little more enthusiastic with the crazy glue than she should have been...**

Since nearly a dozen people asked about the original on the last one (which my boyfriend promptly pounced on, rendering it moot) and since I also haven't a clue what to sell these for, I am putting this one straight to e-bay at [link]

Prints are also available for $10 plus shipping at: [link]

*Well, five and Pig Latin.

**Potentially useful for cloning!
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Maggothaunch's eggplants were the murderous ones threatening Miss Radish the Pilot. I know they were. :iconiseewhatyoudidthere: