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Third Bird Golem

The third bird golem was made almost entirely of metal. Its wings gleamed very brightly, but it was too heavy to fly.


Third of the rather peculiar Bird Golem series--doing a couple of these in preparation for an upcoming show (The Jordan Arts Center in Cary, NC, gallery opening the evening of August 4th, come one, come all!) They wanted bird golems. They're getting a mishmash of saints and oddities, but the majority will in fact be bird golems. I just, um, have to get them all painted.

Mixed media, 13 x 7.5 or thereabouts. Original is for sale, although it won't be delivered until AFTER the show. Prints available for $10 and $20 plus shipping. Send a note or visit [link] for details.
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It is beautiful! I like the knobs and the articulations on its neck. If you make any more bird golems, make another one that is almost all metal like this one. I like how streamlined and almost futuristic looking this golem is compared to the other bird golems.

Perhaps you should have made the furnace in its belly glow orange with heat as if it was burning something.

Even better, how about a bird golem that had the body of something like a high-tech engine...almost like the stream-lined art deco locomotives of the 1930s and 1940s.
yo dude.. one of my friends have started to make very good music, and i wonder if he can use this awesome pic as his logo? u will get credit of course..
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like your style!
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doctor robotnik's greatest creation
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I really like your's cute, colourful, original and funny sometimes:)

P.S.: I love this pic!!
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Wow, awesome! =D
Psyker-LaZ's avatar
Very nice i like it alot
DeviantsDenizine's avatar
Absolutly in LOVE with this picture!!
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Love it! Your whole "Bird Golem" series is great - I adore the idea :D
RookinherRookery's avatar
Bird skulls are, to me, probably the most beautiful structure in nature. This series is awesome, Ursula.
NoctumSolaris's avatar
Nice one, ursula v! Nicely Steampunk.
xXxKittySorceressxXx's avatar
This is lovely :) The colours are great :D x
Neato. When I saw the title "bird golem", I thought it would be a golem made out of birds >.>;
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This reminds me of Yeats... although ironically I can't remember the line. Pretty sure it's from Sailing to Byzantium... spelling uncertain
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Nice. I like the pot-bellied stove opening.
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sweet work, very well made & designed.
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Poor little guy! :c
Ranubis's avatar
Oh, I like him.
Superdemon-Inuyasha's avatar
hehe cute XD it looks awesome!
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I love the bird golems! :D
Valkoturkki's avatar
Seeing it, makes me scared. That golem hanging on my wall could steal my sleep away.

I's beak just looks somehow too scary. :fear:
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Love his car grille chest...
dragoninthemist's avatar
It would be cool to have an insence burner sculpted like that.
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It's kind of creepy and yet pretty at the same time. Very nicely designed.

Good luck with your show!
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