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The Wolf Ate Them

By ursulav
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I don't usually blame my scanner, since there's a lot I can do with Photoshop, but in this case...yeah, blame the scanner. The dark blot in the middle is not nearly so pronounced in real life, since there's a very shiny glaze and some metallic inks rubbed over it, none of which came through on the scanner, but which break up the darks a lot more on the actual physical piece. (In fact, there's a neat effect where the edges of the transparent glaze break glittery green in the right light.) So the composition isn't quite so...borked...in reality.

Feh, sez I.

The text was what was written next to the sketch of the bunny in my sketchbook...I am fairly skeptical of emo epigraphs on paintings, but there was a sense of quiet betrayal to the sketch that worked for me.

Anyway, 6 x 8, ready to hang, original is for sale, don't know if prints of this are a worthwhile endeavor.

ETA: I should clearly just stop trying to judge my own work!
Prints available: [link]
and by request, the original is now up on E-bay at : [link]
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Hey, don't worry. If I shoot my works with the iphone at night, the colors usually don't match. Color corection helps a bit, but hey, I think sharing is more important, than beeing perfect. 
thanks for your works!
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While I agree with you on epigraphs, the implied story intrigues me.

The other "There are no wolves here" piece was also very nice, though in that case I didn't get as much story from the words.
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I just love the background in this piece.
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I like the way you use text - you make me want to give it all up:P
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I'm in love with all the different greens you used and I think it's neat the way the rabbit seems to almost be looking at the text.
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What do the words say? The most I can make out are "You, the wolf ate them." Those other words are either gibberish or something else that I can't make out.
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It says 'You said the wolf ate them'.
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I love the bunny!
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that "sense of quiet betrayal" is in the bunny's posture n the colors, so the text woks really well with the empty-ish (?) canvas :)
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I love you colour choices!
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As far as textured or shiny pieces go, I usually rely on a kind of double scan to pull things out. Generally the colored or painted parts require a diffuse frontal lighting to come out well (like from a scanner), while the shiny and textured parts are better highlighted by a localized side-light. So I generally double the scan with a side-lighted photograph, and merge the two images on Photoshop wherever needed. It sure is a lot of work, but generally it works.
Very nice piece here, though, with or without the shiny part.
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The texture in this is awesome.
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I can't explain to you how much I love this piece! An illustration with sophistication, playfulness and heebie jeebies... <3's it...
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I really like this one.
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Wonderful concept!
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Despite the scanner being an asshole, this is still adorable and fantastic and awesome. :D <3
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I love the textures in these pieces! And the bunnies are so cute. :)
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The "sense of quiet betrayal" you mentioned is probably what keeps haunting me and forcing me to come back and look at this pic to see what's doing it. As you said, the composition is a little "borked" due to scanning issues, but the little chill I get in my stomach when I look at this is still sufficient to render it a +fave.
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rabbit in a maze...:)
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I'm not sure how you could fit "emo" in with the sketch of a bunny... This is too cute! And the words really make you wonder what's going on.

Good work. :)
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this bunny is wonderful, and I hate scanners >.<
I feel your pain!
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