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I don't usually blame my scanner, since there's a lot I can do with Photoshop, but in this case...yeah, blame the scanner. The dark blot in the middle is not nearly so pronounced in real life, since there's a very shiny glaze and some metallic inks rubbed over it, none of which came through on the scanner, but which break up the darks a lot more on the actual physical piece. (In fact, there's a neat effect where the edges of the transparent glaze break glittery green in the right light.) So the composition isn't quite reality.

Feh, sez I.

The text was what was written next to the sketch of the bunny in my sketchbook...I am fairly skeptical of emo epigraphs on paintings, but there was a sense of quiet betrayal to the sketch that worked for me.

Anyway, 6 x 8, ready to hang, original is for sale, don't know if prints of this are a worthwhile endeavor.

ETA: I should clearly just stop trying to judge my own work!
Prints available: [link]
and by request, the original is now up on E-bay at : [link]
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Hey, don't worry. If I shoot my works with the iphone at night, the colors usually don't match. Color corection helps a bit, but hey, I think sharing is more important, than beeing perfect. 
thanks for your works!