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The Taxman

By ursulav
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So I went into my CPA t'other day to get my taxes done, and it was UGLY.

And by ugly I mean that despite quite a lot of prepayment, the taxman would like three thousand dollars.* Right now. Yes. (The government really does not like freelancers. The real horror? I prepaid a LOT quarterly to try to avoid this. Owie.)

So I limped back home, nursing my tender bits, and set forth to paint. He's a sort of steampunk version of the Plague Doctor woodcuts, and he has his pet ferret because I affectionately call my CPA my tax weasel.

So here's the deal. The Taxman is going to be a limited edition jumbo print, but I don't know how big an edition yet. S'up to you guys. For $25 plus shipping, you can order one now--send me a note right here on DA or e-mail me at ursulav (at) metalandmagic.com to order. I'll take orders right up until April 15th, and however many got ordered, that'll be the size of the edition, plus two (I'll keep the first and last for a pair of upcoming shows that need filling.) It may be an edition of two if nobody likes the piece, it may be an edition of fifty if a lot of people do--we'll find out! Come April 15th, the edition closes, I'll do the print run, sign and number them, and send 'em out, and that'll be the last they'll be available unless you A) hit one of those two shows or B) somebody decides to part with theirs.

The prints will be 13 x 19, signed and numbered. I'll take paypal, check or money order, and we'll see if I can't offset a little of the anguish from that tax bill, eh?

*And I didn't even get a courtesy reacharound...
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JWA2277Hobbyist General Artist
Tell me more about this charter! I have a Story about a faceless man, I call "The Taxman" ( I am making no clams or statement about your work) can we get together and compare notes?
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The Grim Reaper's side job.
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Oh gods, anything even vaguely Plague Doctor related sets my heart aflutter. Gorgeous.
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do you just like black plauge doctor's masks? you seem to use them a lot
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DiscordanianHobbyist Artist
I got this limited edition recently framed and when I picked it up another customer was admiring it. He asked me for details on it and I gave them to him. I should take a picture of it because it looks GREAT.
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TurtlebeastHobbyist Traditional Artist
Death and taxes all in one.
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If you don't pay up, does he beat you with that stick?
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Taren14Hobbyist Writer
I wouldn't want to see him at my door one night.

"You're late on your mortgage..."
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I think of the ferrets of Hell, as seen in Something Positive... :p
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Don't ask him what it's for ;).
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If you don't want to pay some more.
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tvissocHobbyist General Artist
I hung my copy up this year for motivation to get as "creative" as possible when I did my taxes this year.
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wow this is funny really Id created an avi in gaiaonline like a few days ago and this looks exactly as it XP i love this Taxs sucks XD
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algompradoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh! the taxman... I hate that bastard... hehehe
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Looks great! Scary taxes...
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I feel your pain. excellent piece!
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uhh isn't this a venice doctor in the renaisance?it's amazing:)
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dudemon27 Writer
This is so kick ass.
I like his mask and goggles. Or what ever those things are.
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ShallowBlueStudent Traditional Artist
Love it! :D
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'tis amazing =) I like the rounded shape to the characters and their contrast to the sharp, jagged angles of the background. The visible brushstrokes in the hilights are a nice touch ;)
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oyogHobbyist General Artist

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I was about to say, he does look a lot like a Black Plague physician.
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I love the ferret glasses... :+fav:
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