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The Radish Wore Goggles



Fleeing from an arranged marriage to an elderly kohlrabi three times her age, the sheltered young radish found herself adrift in a world she never expected. A chance encounter with a villainous-looking eggplant led to her fleeing from the Watch and stowing away on the lightning-powered airship Golden Colander. Ignorant of the wider world of vegetable politics and peril, the spunky radish would have to learn quickly as she was swept up in adventure and terror among airship privateers, legions of ghoulishly re-animated potatoes, clockwork pollinators, warring empires, and of course, finding love in the stems of the handsome airship captain who had stolen her heart.

Glory awaits the victorious, but for the losers, there is only....salad.

I do not even begin to have any idea, except that I seem to be on a goggles kick, and there was a radish and...y'know.

4 x 6, original will go to Anthrocon unless somebody wants to make me an offer first. Prints, with the accompanying saga, are available at Red Wombat Studio for $10 plus shipping! [link]
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