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The Rabbit in Red

A very tiny piece, at 3.5 x 5, of a snappily dressed bunny. With a pocketwatch! Because ever since Alice, rabbits are associated with pocketwatches.

Many of them find this an offensive stereotype, pointing out that they prefer a good digital wristwatch when they require a timepiece at all, others arguing that they don't even bother to carry one because they can look at their cel phone, but this particular bunny has chosen to embrace his heritage for all its worth.

Again, going to the FC art show unless somebody wants to make the offer-I-can't-refuse first...
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I'm just scrolling through rabbits on DevArt and the moment I saw this, I knew exactly who drew it. LOVE your art and your books. So totally following you here now!
taobunny's avatar
Beautiful and charming... Love the earrings!
Fayonaxoxo's avatar
ah-dorable!! i :heart: the wardrobe!!! it's cute and so is the description :peace:
Ellygator's avatar
Fabulous wardrobe!
alphatroll's avatar
Alas, rabbits, being the earthbound creatures they are, remain as impressed by digital watches as other Earthlings, forever dooming them to the disregard of the Galaxy's more advanced sapient species.....
animefreak120's avatar
I love the part about how rabbits would prefer a wristwatch. xD
ayuICHI's avatar
Adorable and fantastic <3
xiaokong's avatar
Cute bunny with cute descriptions!xD
Woltharnia's avatar
Adorable little rabbit. I love him ^^ If I could have such a smartly dressed little bunny I would in an instant. Love.
Scarfparty's avatar
Oh my gosh, he's lovely. : D

Can just imagine in the far far distant future bunnies are associated with timekeeping in the same quasi-mythological way owls are wise and foxes sneaky...

Actually, that'd be really cute if a mobile phone interface had a bunny as the icon for time.

You need to design this. : P
The-Lady-Blue's avatar
I love your description!
Flying-seacow's avatar
Aww, what a snappy little fellow indeed-
glowworm56's avatar
Cute story and adorable bunny!
tamanou's avatar
Bah, bunnies like this keeps bunnies oppressed by the Man! :p
JessicaDunn's avatar
"others arguing that they don't even bother to carry one because they can look at their cel phone"

haha you're so cute.
tenko72's avatar
Cute! Nice outfit.
Bug-Id's avatar
Can he fit in my pocket?
DeadlyLampshley's avatar
[Way to stick to the classic pieces, Rabbit.]
I love this!
TheSeaKnight's avatar
Okay, now when I saw the title I immediately flashed on an old Looney Tunes cartoon where Bugs Bunny posed as Red Riding Hood. (He was skipping along singing "The Rabbit in Red.")
Adorable! I like his style--the earrings are a nice counterpoint to the tophat and pocket watch.
MyntKat's avatar
Omg, he's so cute! :love:
self-called-nowhere's avatar
I love pocket watches. I think I probably would have combined them with rabbits even without Alice in Wonderland.
Jthegymnast's avatar
:XD: Love your description, I'm glad I know now about this pocket watch-plight!
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