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The Polyp's Price

By ursulav
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There are two kinds of polyps. One is a type of squishy little sea creature--coral is made by polyps, and a coupla species have polyp forms--which anchors itself to something and then has a head on the other end (for a very low value of "head") with tentacles and sense organs and a mouth. (Think sea anenome.)

The other kind of polyp looks a lot like that, but is a rogue lump of flesh that grows in your colon, up your nose, etc.

Some sort of story is going on there, but as usual, I'm only witness to a brief scene. I couldn't tell you what price the polyp is demanding, or why. I just know that's the title. Nor do I know what the little white creature is--I don't think it's a rogue sperm, much as it may look like one, I think it's more like a relative of the anxiety beast. But even that, I dunno.

At the end of the day, what sort of polyp that squishy thing is really depends on whether this is taking place in some odd little cavernous underground, or inside somebody's intestines. And that, dear viewer, I'm gonna leave up to you, and how weird, after all these paintings, you think I am.


Original is 10 x 15, mixed media, still fooling around with simple shapes and more complex textures. Original for sale, prints available, send a note or visit [link] for details
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I require... Cake!
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Every time I come back to this series, I keep thinking they're hungry for a writer to collaborate and make this into a children's book (or a picture book for adults, given the phallic nature of the polyp . . . parents are hypersensitive). The question is, would you want to collaborate with a writer on such a project?
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Can't. Handle. The cute!
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Its Squishy the neurotransmitter! I LOVE squishy!
poor squishy probably prefers the coral-type polyp.

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The big caterpillar thing is awesome.
And I love the little squishy!!!!
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I think this is simply adorable x3

Though I don't wanna know what the little white guy is, he is just too cute sitting like that :D
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Words fail me but I love it!
It's very Giger-esque.
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I can imagine the little white thingy putting on a hat and getting a sword and questing to save his squishy white girlfriend.
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Or maybe she's saving her girlfriend.
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This is EXTREMELY awesome. I love it with all my heart and soul!
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it reminds me of a nasty penis
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Curse those rogue sperm! Even if they are strangely adorable.
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This is yet another of your gallery that has made my day. I think tht I'll be coming to your gallery every time I'm in a bad mood. Your work is amazing.
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Mouse was the first thing that came to my mind when I seen it...the colon, snot loving, creature is really neat lookin too. I love it ^_^
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Marylouue just turned me on to your gallery and I couldn't be more enthralled! As I told her, I love the fact that you've included many "dark" things in your paintings, but have somehow managed to make them non-threatening. I think it's a stroke of genius to leave the degree of threat up to the viewer, and that's especially true in this painting.

"The Polyp's Price" could be something as innocuous as a bit of moisture for a sea creature to a dangerous collaboration with an errant cell intent on spreading intestinal cancer.

You've even somehow managed to attribute some personality to these two subjects and along with your obvious technical ability, it's clear you are a very talented artist! :)
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It's like a LoTR-esque moment is taking place in someone's intestines right at this very moment.
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How weird we think youy are? Psh. After all these paintings (and the descriptions), you're my hero. :heart:
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Yeah, there's a possibility that I may have a polyp in my nose...and now I'm freaking out because...THAT FREAKY LOOKING THING COULD BE UP THERE!!! EWWWWWWWWWW!!!
My boyfriend is telling me that this is just an artists rendition, and it's very nice; it would even be adorable under different circumstances, but now...*shudder*
It's got...legs...and eyes...and it's BENDY....*faints*
Other than that, awesome job.
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Flying polyp adds a darker side to this transaction.
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Now I wanna draw a polyp.
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I just know that this is taking place in a microscopic world underground, with a tiny little white maggot speaking to a little polyp creature. <3 So charming.
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