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The Plague

I am sick as a dog, and I keep telling myself that today I'll take it easy. Then I feel guilty and work. Then I feel like crap the next day because I didn't take it easy.

Meanwhile, piles of used Kleenex are gathering around the house, despite my best efforts to keep them under control.
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I hope that you get better. *sends a relief column of lemons*
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I work in a kleenex ocean (dr's office). I've learned to keep my hands washed, use sanitizer on my hands and desk, and avoid walking through the waiting rooms whenever possible.
Hope you get better quick. There's nasty bugs going around.
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I can just say I love the smiling pear shirt. A very nicey touch, indeedy...

Best wishes! :D
Gotta love a biting lolwut pear t-shirt and a cat to cure all ills. (but where's the adoring beagle??).

Lemon honey and ginger tea CAN help, if you're not already sick of it. Failing that, hit the tom yum goong (spicy thai soup). Trends to clear out the sinuses something chronic AND tasty ...

If wishes were flupills, you'd be well again already ... :)
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Cat: damp kleenex? euuuurgh! run away.

Keep the window open, the fresh air will stop you getting re-infected.
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Rampant Kleenx Monsters!!

Get well soon!
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Ah, I feel exactly like that now. You´re not alone!
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I hope you feel better soon. In the words of my mother "Eat some chicken soup."
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Sometimes it's not a cold, and it's not the flu. It's the plague, there's no two ways about it.
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I feel the same way.
Such a lovely thing, not really.

Hope you get well soon.
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Ugh, that was me a couple weeks ago. Something nasty is going around...hope you feel better soon!
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*hugs* I hope you get feeling better. Many of my friends have the same flu.
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May the Biting Pear and Gummy Ben watch over your poor red, chapped nose.

(Poor Ben, fewer teeth than a pear.)
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Used kleenex breed. I'm surprised you are only just discovering this phenomenon.
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Hope you get better soon!
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I was sick a couple weeks ago. It really sucked. A throat thingy has been going around...

I hope you feel better soon.
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I know the feeling! Lol, that's hilarious. It's like me when I'm sick, 'cept I dun' have a furry companion to cuddle. Sadness! That, and I'm about as good about staying in bed when I'm sick as it seems you are. :)
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and a cat. they really do help.
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For controlling the kleenex ramparts I've found it's helpful to carry around an empty kleenex box along with the full one....that way the dirty, used tissues can go into the empty box and when it's full it can go straight into the trash (and if you leave it lying around it doesn't gross out the menfolk!)
Just make sure to remember which is the dirty box and which is the's not fun to reach into the wrong box!
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Hope you get better soon, but on the plus side yay for fuzzy socks!
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I can so sympathize... I just went through the whole thing... Feel better soon dear.
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Aww man I hope feel better.
Your kitty looks happy though. :)
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