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The Mighty Phalloenix

By ursulav
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A collaborative piece with the terribly talented Dark Natasha ( [link]) for the upcoming convention. She did the linework, I did the painting and the endless, endless leafing. It's 11 x 17, that's a lotta leaf.

I don't know which of us had more fun with this one...

Original must go to the show, but prints are available! You can order [link]
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This is really good
theflashisgone's avatar
This is amazeballs!
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This is basically the best art ever.
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Oh good lord... +fav'd.
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LMFAO!!!!! omg thats the best thing I have seen ALL day!
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I've had this in my favorites for a long, long time but I dont think I ever commented on it. Heh heh... long...
Anywho, this is so cool and so funny. I love that it's goofy and endearing. It's got like, this delusion of might while still being... mighty. Maybe you're completely making fun of masculinity but there's something heroic about it that pops through. This makes me happy every stinking time I see it. I can't say enough about it. It's magnificent.
Heh heh... it's a weiner.
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That is so very wrong... "I LOVE IT!"
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this makes me smile :D
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I love all your Phalloi work, would love to see more!
InkSlingerDucky's avatar
'Mighty' is the perfect word for it. ^_^
I happen to find you fascinating. Just for the record. :heart:
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I would also have accepted "cockatrice" (durr hurr hurr). I like the..."smoke" and the scaly neck, and the colouring is very warm and gorgeous. I'd turn this into my background, but I think it'd raised some brows.
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hahaha this is awesome in so many ways :)
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Dammit, you win.
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clawed genitalia look painful
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Hahaha I love this so much. XD <3
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My initial response: THAT IS SPECTACULAR!
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I love Natasha's stuff & your style (and sense of humor)... with your combined talents, it's like seeing an unstoppable force. I love the collab!
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It is very very beautiful!!!!!!!
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