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A chunk of a story set in the House of Red Fireflies world, which I've had half-written down for awhile, and finished up because I have a really dire case of poison ivy and when I can't sleep for the itching, writing's at least distracting. I really oughta illustrate this one, like I did the "Dream Deer" story, but the illustrating takes a lot longer than the writing...
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AliyaLiadan's avatar
AliyaLiadanHobbyist General Artist
This is the best grown-up fairy tale I've ever read!
Shabboth's avatar
ShabbothProfessional Writer
A pretty story, and well written. Thank you.
E1L0n3wy's avatar
E1L0n3wyHobbyist Traditional Artist
8D :heart: I never saw this before ^^

It is a sweet story... it calls up very vivid images =D
PigeonCrowz's avatar
I've always loved this story. I keep coming back to it again and again. :)
UglyDuckling629's avatar
This is an amazing story! It's perfect for a rainy day. I could read this and the golem girl over and over. You're a wonderful writer and artist, and I'm so glad I know your work.
CarnivalChild's avatar
Tall, willowy, piercing eyes, slender, not into girl-plants. Does your hamadryad come from a yaoi-tree, perhaps?
PockyPuck's avatar
Plant people! Such wonderful personalities to them, too.

I believe my favorite line in this is "Meeble." *grin* So human, these plant people, and still they are definitely not animal.
latuna6's avatar
i love your writing, it has such a calm feeling to it.
PointyKitty13's avatar
I love this. It's almost like a bedtime story in it's sweetness.
Raja-Ulat's avatar
Like the "troubled by woodpecker's bit" ;p
Seiberwing's avatar
Mandrake girl is cute! And general cute all around and I feel a bit sorry for the Squash God's son.
RainingAshes's avatar
Fantastic and absolutely unique story, humorous at some parts, sweet at others. This is one of the best stories I've read yet
Spiegel666's avatar
This is a very nice, very sweet story.
the-only-nighthawk's avatar
What a LOVELY fairy tale! I haven't read such a nice one in so long. (nice being, well thought out, well written, good, but not flakey character and a happy ending. And humor. Humor is always good.
nautik's avatar
i liked it very much. very sensitive and charming!
PigeonCrowz's avatar
A brilliantly told story, and one that attracted me very much. Your description of the characters made them come alive. :)
SeraphimProphets's avatar
This story is absolutly wonderful, I really hope you write more. I'd also really like to see you do a web comic about The House of the Red Fireflies. I think with your style of art and writing, it would be fantastic. Your so awesome =D
TuulikkiW's avatar
TuulikkiWHobbyist Writer
A touch of pterry, a touch of Ursula.... Trés nice!
tsubame-yin's avatar
This left me feeling all nice and warm inside. Lovely story!
thoughtfullypausing's avatar
Ohhhh, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside :D I love your work so much!
cambium's avatar
The brilliance lies in the details, excellent work. Here, have some gift art, you incredibly talented person: [link]
frosted-icing's avatar
Awww... You write so well. Talented all around it seems. ;)
oyog's avatar
oyogHobbyist General Artist
Wind-and-Wings's avatar
This was lovely, Ursula. Your conversational style and your characters mesh in a way that make the fantastic real.
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