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The Lurking Sock Puppet

By ursulav
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Another quick and silly little doodle, 5 x 7, for a con. I have this thing for sock puppets. I dunno what. I find them a little...off.

They say all art is autobiographical, and if I were a sea serpent, and if sea serpents somehow wore socks despite their lack of feet, and if I then discovered that some unscrupulous individual had shoved a sock puppet on my tail, I daresay I might react somewhat like that. Maybe.

Okay, that's a lot of 'if's.

Anyway, as always, prints available 'n stuff at [link]
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MsSexyBetsyHobbyist General Artist
This made me lol!!
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SkyfireDragon Artisan Crafter
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PainsmashHobbyist Digital Artist
Love it!❤
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Ejderha-ArtsHobbyist Traditional Artist
This image made my day. Thank you for making me laugh! :happybounce: 
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MargoVAHobbyist General Artist
Lovely, thanks for cheering up my day Nod 
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magepoStudent General Artist
hahaha funnyy 
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smileygirl77Student General Artist
Lately Ive been going through a bit of a creative block. I didnt know what to draw, paint, or sculpt. I can here to look to others for inspiration. I looked through very well done and fancy paintings. I didnt feel anything wile looking at them. I felt a little bored. Dont get me wrong, they were beautiful and clearly a lot of hard work when into them, but the second I looked at your creation I couldn't help smiling. Your concept and reasoning behind it is truly funny and original. It was refreshing to look at this piece. I don't think I've ever been more inspired by any other work. Thank you and well done.
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Absolutely one of my favorite pieces of your work since I saw it a few years ago! Your newer piece The Hermit brought me around again to your work. My, my, my, you've just gotten better and better! I'm thrilled to have a link on my favorites to your work. I just want everyone to see your work!
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PathOfMyOwnHobbyist Traditional Artist
his look of surprise is something to die for xD
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BasilSanguineHobbyist Writer
Adorable! <3
KushinaUsagi's avatar
ahahaha so cute! :D
sylphanna's avatar
sylphannaHobbyist Artisan Crafter
even years after first seeing this (on elfwood maybe...) it still brings a smile to my face.
marvsl's avatar
marvslStudent Digital Artist
love it so much!!!Love 
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My heart feels warm when I look at this. :)
toshiroIloveyou's avatar
this one is funny :D 
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amzimmeHobbyist General Artist
Hahahahahaha, this made me laugh out loud--which I really needed right now--so thank you :D  I like the simplicity of this and the bright colors--the exaggerated big eyes and gaping yell on the "sea monster" are great, and the tongue on the sock puppet is a hilarious little detail. I also love how the sock puppet is positioned--the way it's slouched makes it look totally chill and casual, which makes the extreme reaction of the sea monster all the funnier. It's funny to think about monsters being frightened by mundane things. Very clever piece of art :)
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X-DoeHobbyist Writer
You could call is the 'Sock'-ness Monster!


I'll just go sit in the corner now.
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ardnaslopesHobbyist General Artist
Made me smile :D
Ember2C's avatar
Haha! Thx for the the chuckle!
ZombieZab's avatar
Such expression! excellent!
Valyra's avatar
Made my day! :D

Tnax, that's phantastic! Sooo funny! :D
Neshasha's avatar
NeshashaHobbyist Photographer
This is so cute! Thank you for the smile
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TheWhiteSharkHobbyist General Artist
made me smile
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theRosenblattsHobbyist General Artist
very cool!
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