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The Great Eggplant of Kalamata

Everything old is new again.

I realized this looking at more pop surrealism, some of which like Scott Musgrove, had backgrounds based on, of all things, rococo pastoral art. And I found that bizarrely amusing, and oddly fitting as a background to weird critters, so I went wandering through rococo art history on-line, something I'd never done much of before--it's not a style I run into terribly often, and my brain had largely dismissed it as the stuff of ten million fox-hunting chase scenes. So I decided to do a really, really quick painting in the style, and it was surprisingly fun--but only digitally. If I had to tackle that in oils, I think it'd wear thin pretty quick.

Because somebody always asks, no, it's NOT because of anything to do with Kalamata or the olives, I just liked the way the name sounded.

Prints available! Make your kitchen a more disturbing place! $10 and $20, plus shipping, I take check, money order, cowrie shells, Paypal--send a note or visit [link] for details.
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Absolutely fabulous love it! Reminds me of "
paintings at an exhibition" Modest Musorgskij :)
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Let just say this. Do not LET ANY EGGPLANT HATERS SEE THIS. Fictional or Real people included. I do not hate eggplants but i am always Wary of Plants/fruits and Vegatables in general. After all, they are alive in a sense that is different than our Human bodies!
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This is the next big meme
KatyTK's avatar
This is merely a metaphor
representing of how the pear gets all the spotlight
and the eggplant
stands there
tacodoqqu's avatar
Poor pear boy is all alone..
Dawi-P's avatar
This should be the batch next year.
you can even see the pear in the background lol
Treerex0414's avatar
just noticed that the bitting pear is in the background
SVBeastie's avatar
I really love your art but im curious as to where this idea of making fruits and vegetables into animals came from.
Michele-V's avatar
Everyone looking and drawing the Pear of Salamanca, and this Eggplant is forgotten. All condolences for eggplant!
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Agreed. Condolences for Eggplant.
Michele-V's avatar
Hope that the eggplant Will become a badge next year.
Articoz's avatar

Same here, that the Eggplant of Kalamata would complement Pear of Salamanca badge pretty well. Just think about them right next to each other on your page, marvelous.

Michele-V's avatar
YESSS my profile will be like a salad! That will be funny!!!
Angelinia's avatar
That would be great! <33
Kazene-Ame's avatar
The Pear's even featured in this picture, too. Right in the back!
Michele-V's avatar
Yeah! I can see It, the poor eggplant looks so sad.
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Next year, make this the next meme!
AlphaShitlord's avatar
But first, we need to talk about parallel universes.
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MLPFiMRox's avatar
i bet deviantArt would do this next year
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