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The Fox and the Egg

I've never quite figured out what's up with the blind jesters. (I'm not even sure if they're CALLED the blind jesters.) They seem to be a multi-species bunch, they all wear checkerboard-edged robes that cover their eyes, Quick the donkey may be one (but he's a neophyte if he is) but that's about all I know.

I suspect they're an order akin to mendicant monks, and they find a lot of things amusing. I'm also not entirely sure I want to see under the hoods. I mean, it's probably nothing, they seem like a mostly good-natured bunch but....well...I can't completely rule out that there's something uncomfortable under there.

They wander into Gearworld occasionally, but they aren't from there.

I wonder if they know the Monks of Perdition (or hell, maybe they ARE the Monks of Perdition...that would make a certain kind of sense...)

8 x 8 mixed media on gessoboard. Over the years I've done a fair number of animals in this sort of costume, and I'm still no closer to figuring out where they're all from.

Original is probably going to AC, but is for sale. Prints available for $10 plus shipping. Send a note or visit [link] for details!
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So there's a story behind these pictures?
I always kind of assumed they were the Monks od Perdition, myself....
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Why is it so thoughtfully contemplating this egg?
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Why is it so thoughtfully contemplating this egg?
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I am a sucker for these checkered-robe critters whenever you post them. I have the print of the donkey and goldfish in my kitchen, and everyone loves it. My friend John Snyder (comic book illustrator) was admiring the rocks last time he was over. :)

...And now I want a print of this one, too. GREAT. Hee.
Love the Fox looks like he's from discworld or something like that!
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It's Robin Hood! I kid, cool picture.
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the chicken and the egg... now this is a whole other question. :D :clap: I love it
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:omg: I love the look the hood on the cloak gives the fox. awesom!
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The purple is the cloak is an awesomtastic touch. ALso, would the ears sticking through the hood make it hard to take on an off easily?
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Heh, I like how eggs are some kind of holy symbol in your work. Or maybe I've just imagined that...
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Did you ever read that story where the mother goose or hen or...some poultry entrusts her only salvaged egg to the neighborhood fox? The horrible bit is he never has a change of heart and gets all maternal at the end, he just eats the egg. Sure, they tried to make it all better by saying "and she had many children," but I hated that damn book.
The Fox is trying to get into it's head..Little does he know it's still in phase of Trying to crack that damnedable outter shell.
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mmmmmmm eggs. I love his little costume! :D
I've just realized that the blind jesters bear a striking similarity to the Dour Brotherhood. Perhaps one group began by splintering off from the other.
I imagine that the blind jesters keep the truth of what's under their hoods a secret because the ideal state of what's under their hoods is the 'unknown' state. The very act of keeping it a secret results in people getting sensationalistic theories (consciously or subconsciously formed) in their heads, to the extent that whatever the truth may be - even if it's really, really maddeningly horrible - would be massively disappointing compared to the viewer's expectations.

Perhaps it's deliberate - perhaps the hoods are specially engineered to cause the optimum amount of causing-imaginations-to-run-wild-ness. Removing a blind jester's hood might even cause the viewer to die of disappointment.
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(thinks over all this) Nifty! Can I join the order of the Blind Jesters, even though I'm human? (hopeful expression)



Not asking to be drawn - can do that myself. Just wanna know where I can find a sign-up sheet or something...
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I love the design of the robe, and the purple highlights in with the blue.
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This is great, as always. I'm an admirer of your works... but seeing the title just made me think of Dylan Moran: "There was a fox cooking eggs... on a speedboat..."
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The truth is the blind jesters just get lost easily. Each one of them has a GPS navigation module fixed to the inside of their hood, 'take three steps to the left, curtsy, turn 90'anti clockwise skip forward for 8 seconds, reverse skip for 9 seconds, jump up and down 5 times, you have reached your destination'
They don't realise the directions are being given by a group of pygmy possums who started doing it as a practical joke and turned professional when they realised how much money they were making...
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hehe very cute! nice job on this 8D
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Haha, very cool!

This is classic. Classic.
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