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The Demon Rat of Vercingetorix

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Mice are, let's face it, the McNuggets of the animal kingdom. Everything eats them. They form the greater part of the diet of any number of carnivores, and only their exceptional fecundity allows them to thrive and continue leaving unpleasant gifts in my kitchen cupboards.

Being, of course, an exceptionally common food source, there is not much available to mice in the way of divine retribution. No one is haunted by mice. A cat may kill a thousand mice in a year and sleep untroubled by ghostly scamperings. The sluggish brains of snakes would not register an eldritch squeaking from beyond the grave, even if they weren't stone deaf. Mice live, die, and return to the vast mousy unconscious without much pause along the way.


Every now and again--rarely, terribly rarely--a mouse will suffer some injustice above and beyond merely being eaten, and in the tiny furry breast, something unfamiliar will wake. With a rage and determination generally lacking in rodent kind, the mouse will set out, sideways, into the crawlspaces of existence, behind the baseboard of the World We Know, seeking that last, great arbiter of mousey existence, the one being who can aid it. And if the mouse (or the mousey ghost) is very lucky, and quick, and braver than mice generally are, they may come at last to the home of the great Demon Rat of Vercingetorix, a monsterous rodent of gimlet eye and grim demeanor, kindly disposed towards its tiny brothers, but generally unpleasant to everyone else. Before this final judge, the courageous mouse may plead its case. And if the Demon Rat agrees, then it will return to earth with the mouse, and then Bad Things Go Down, the details of which we'll leave to the reader's imagination. The Demon Rat doesn't mind people eating mice, but he gets downright testy if somebody mistreats 'em, because in a well run universe, even the lowest of the low have at least one defender.*

I enjoyed painting Azezaelbunny so much that he got me thinking about other animals--it seemed unlikely that bunnies would be the ONLY monsterous demon-animal out there. And that got me think about what such creatures would do, what role they'd have in the universe, and one thing led to another...

Painter 7, Wacom tablet. PRINTS AVAILABLE! There's a limited edition jumbo print run of 25, for $45 dollars plus shipping, send a note, say "I want a print!" and we can get that all set up. (There's also the standard size for $10, and I'm looking into a bigger size of jumbo, but no ETA there.)

*For reasons that no one is entirely clear on, flatworms have seven. Since flatworms are just barely above "stimulus-response" and are hardly ever ambitious enough to go seeking vengeance, the Seven Monsterous Flatworms of Cibola play a lot of card games and have been taking a lot of classes at the community college lately.
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In one of my fan-fics, monster flatworms guard in a pocket dimension, a most terrible and indestructible book, locked up there since c.10,000 b.c. Mad consequences ensued when a soul finally wrested the book from their grasp.

He became enveloped by the flatworms,and became Nid Nannatar the Librarian, changing the definition of death itself. Life & death - The two became the same. The pocket room expanded frpm 10' x 10'x x 10' to span entire universes - as the Tulpa ! That book was used to pillage whole worlds. It remained for the demons of Hell to re-contain that book and put things to rights.
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CaseyDeckerHobbyist Artist
This picture you've done looks very nice and detailed for sure. :)
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thedukeofweaselsHobbyist General Artist
that is so awesome! I love the detail you but in to the story! reminds me of my rat Buttons, this is kinda how I use to think she would look of she was part of my Wezaza lands.
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vagepaulHobbyist Artist
i love rats i love al of your piantings the are butifful!!
and i love to thinke a bout that animels hav e cloos on.
the anemals have zo divrent renks.
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Laboratories BEWARE.
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Scape-MonsterHobbyist General Artist
I'm just going to sit here and squeal at all the amazingness that is this piece. The colours, the... just the everything. Wonderful work, darling. Absolutely wonderful.
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MistaWolfProfessional General Artist
Wow, amazing work!! :iconwowplz:
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toshirodragonHobbyist Photographer
I think his cousin lived in our grage for a time...
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Very nice picture + Very nice description = Added to favorites, along with viewing other pieces by you.
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this is spectacular
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ShadowseapntHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow... its just tacks my breath away...
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Very cool mythos
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Forsaken2010Hobbyist General Artist
I love the storyline! This is giving further inspiration for my own art story...
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FloweRoseStudent Traditional Artist
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reckotchHobbyist General Artist
I've finally found you again! :O

You have NO idea how long I've been looking for your artwork, years ago I saw some, and I loved it, but I forgot where I had seen it. Now I finally found it again, I loved it then, I still do, your art is awesome!! *gives cookies*
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I absolutely adore this image
and the background story behind it is amazing!

... I used to have a pet rat named Tom, so I have a soft spot for these creatures... though sometimes that adoration can turn into annoyance/rage.

Totally Fave!!
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Everything about this screams "Awesome!"
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RanshiinsithaStudent Digital Artist
This is a totally gorgeous master piece, i tought it was a traditional painting on canvas, im very amazed .
The story is interesting and i love mices and rats, i used to breed rodents.
Congratulatios, this is totally gorgeous
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that is the best demon rat i seen all day demon tigers is what i do best i did not put them on here yet well im loging out by.
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