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The Biting Pear of Salamanca

By ursulav
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A popular tourist attraction of the region, the biting pear lives off low-flying birds, hand-outs, and the occasional unwary sightseer.

Don't look at me. I was reading up on pop surrealism before bed, and this is the sort of thing that happens. Even for me, that's a little disturbing.

Also, I may have an unhealthy obsession with pears. This is particularly odd because I haven't eaten a pear in years.


Yes. I know. LOL WUT. Yes, yes. I'm aware. Really, I don't mind that y'all are havin' fun with the image*, the internet is a very silly place and all, but if you could make an effort to include a link to the original when you're posting it, I'd be really grateful.

You can buy prints of the Pear at Topatoco!


*As long as it's noncommercial and nobody's making money on lolwut merchandise, of course.
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April Fools Day

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What about The Biting Orange of Salamanca

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Emoticon - Tiny cute pear roblox took a master peice.

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I didn't know that the original LOL WUT came from here of all places!

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Why am I suddenly craving pears?

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or are pears suddenly craving you?

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this needs to be hung in an art gallery.

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Did you color this digitally, watercolor, or color pencil?
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that chipmunk be looking thicc

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ah a true Masterpeace
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Is it possible you could try to get these made as stamps cause this is great.

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I had no idea the original creator was on deviantart. Nice. XD

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