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The Abyss Looks Back

The Abyss Looks Back, a comedy in two acts.

This has been my life lately.

I could probably do a print of this, albeit a thin one--drop a note or visit [link] for details.
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"we have cookies."
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"When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you." Friedrich Nietzsche.
Haha, I like it
I love your art so much :)
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The abyss makes really good cookies.  Try the snickerdoodles.  Those are the best.
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Appearently it can talk too.
voskanian's avatar
OMG his look in the last picture is sooo adorable XD
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Totally can relate; that sums up my life from August until now.
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I'm favoriting this so whenever a friend asks me about depression, I can link to this and say "It's a lot like that."
Adorable! The dark side always has cookies!
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That's the story of my life.
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Fantastic, i YEEP'd and had to show all of my dnd party imediately, we have an npc who's a good/bad/crazy guy. he's on the "bad guy" side, but he's constantly coming onto our ship and giving us amazing cookies. So, it fit perfectly lol. Very adorable, and honestly you're my favorite artist =]
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OH THE TEMPTATION. *gets jetpack ready*
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LOL this remnds me of my friend Logan he says "Come to the dark side we have cookies and milk that's why Santa's on our side" XD he's funny and cute
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This is all kinds of awesome :giggle:
Tamarchek's avatar
You just made my day :D
This is the funniest use of "We have cookies" phrase ever :D
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The last one made me crack up with laughter!!! :rofl:
Now, that lemming seems to be more wary than the rest of its species. :XD:
Phantasm-D-Lagosa's avatar
:XD: Depending on what type of cookies they are, the abyss could be a very nice place.
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wow, i cant believe there have been this many comments and no one has told u that lemmings dont actually do that jump off cliff and kill yourself thing. its a lie that was made up and falsely verified by a nature program where the lemmings were manipulated to jump off a cliff. dont know why it is so widely accepted since it is pretty crazy to begin with.

anyway, ur art is beautiful. i really love the teacocks
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