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A small and silly piece for an upcoming con. (Can't...resist...bad...pun....)

4 x 6 mixed media on colored paper.
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Clever play on words ^^
That is the funniest thing I have seen in a while. Originally, I thought it worked on just one level...but it has a depth past just the pun.
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...this is why you are one of my favorite artists....
MrAnonymas's avatar
This bird is acting like a boss
for they may turn out to be great fun!
Beautiful...Awesome...Your such a great artist
MangaNut01's avatar
That's awesomely cute!! Great idea!
prettydragoon's avatar
Beautiful art, fowl pun.
joltinjohnnylucas's avatar
this and your animal saints remind me a bit of rick geary. love em.
SoldierToger's avatar
It's a good-bad pun ;) and a nice piece!
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This is genius.
ayuICHI's avatar
Sooo adorable. <3
LabMice's avatar
Does this species lay eggs benedict?
lunaiy's avatar
I like how you think.
Hawksong76's avatar
I love this!! Pun Birds fly the farthest :D
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lol! I love cheesy puns! in fact, I love all puns!
Pun Love
How can it even afford such a coat? How did it "earn" the money? Or did it "barter"?

*Suspects the bird to be a trader to its species.*
Gattlin's avatar
Love the pun, though I must admit it's the first time I saw a real bird wear a proper coat.
Phoenix-Masakari's avatar
Ah, but sometimes the worst puns make the greatest art!

Very cool, and adorable. :D
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