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Teeny Tiny Lovebird

One of a series I did for AC last year--just tripped over the file while clearing out junk on my hard drive. A tiny little piece, at 2.5 x 1.25, but kind've a fun size to work at sometimes.
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Oh, I see, a peach-faced lovebird. That is my second favorite type of bird.
Artmajor32's avatar
This is gorgeous and very professional looking too!! The colors in this are beautiful, lovely job! Yes, sometimes the smaller pieces are more too work on as it allows working on those tiny details much easier.
Pichu-rox-sox's avatar
This is awesome!
princesstutu218's avatar
cute n awesome job on it
therealmizua's avatar
-squishes it- ^u^
ayuICHI's avatar
pinkdagger's avatar
My eldest lovie, a regular green just like the one you painted, died this past October but seeing this really made me smile. That happy little face describes lovies perfectly. :)
dana-redde's avatar
Lovely! Or, as I would coo to my budgies: "Pretty bird! Pretty bird! I'm a pretty birdy! I'm a pretty, pretty birdy! 漂亮的小鸟儿!!;Pretty pretty xiaoniaor!"
And so on, until my roommates think I've completely lost my mind. Can you blame me? Budgies and lovebirds are just so charming.
DemonicNeko's avatar
So cute!! I love it!!
MandarinMoon's avatar
He's adorable! I just love your work. :D
Shadsie's avatar
He looks... smug. Or like he's trying to explain something... smugly.
Caro-Kitsu's avatar
omfg i miss my lovebird D;
HotRod-302's avatar
So much personality! Very cute!
BanditRingtail3's avatar
I think I'm gonna note this to a friend of mine. =) I know he has birds like these and would like it.
BuckskinRat's avatar
Awe, this is soo cute! It looks almost exactly as my bird "Lillasyrran" (Little sister) that I had as a child. Love it!
ChouShoe's avatar
What Arcene-Silver said
i just love lovebirds :*)
charcoal-feathers's avatar
I love the teeny tiny lovebird! :D
Arcene-Silver's avatar
My family had a lovebird that passed away a year or two ago -- this picture reminds me of him and makes me smile. Thank you :)
snakes-n-bunnies's avatar
love the colors used!!!!!
NoodleMutt's avatar
Adorable. Great colors!!!
Jthegymnast's avatar
What a cutie, he looks just like mine, I love the clors on his face!
Feiring's avatar
Aww, that's cute!
I had a lovebird before, it was yellow with a red face. These birds are so cute~
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