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Teeny Happy Barn Owl

Another piece for AC last year that I just tripped over--happy barn owl! 2.5 x 1.25, very tiny piece on clayboard. (No idea how to do prints. I suppose I could get Mini-moos made or something, and frame 'em....)
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That is so cute!
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awwww I love this- the owl's adorable
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V. teeny and happy-- delivers what it promises! what a cute little face |3
ayuICHI's avatar
Teehee, it makes me happy ^^
ObloquyCondemed's avatar
It's so... happy.
I can't process the happy DX

Such a lovely little owl <3
Edme's avatar
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwl! ^______^
Genis-Sage99's avatar
Cute! I love owls!
DemonicNeko's avatar
Oh my gawd it's adorable!!!
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So much love!
Also: I now has a want, lol.
ManekinekoNoHime's avatar
SO cute! I love the '^^' face!
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Aww...very cute.
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Happy barn owl is happy.

Very cute. <3
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Very cute work, for some reason barn owls always look like they're smiling when they have their eyes closed like that. Or saying "Yay!"

Nice work on this.
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I looooooooooooove barn owls :heart:
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That begs to be used in that one craft project where you glue a picture onto a microscope slide.

(Mental note to start looking for your rules about grabbing art for icons.)
Spiegel666's avatar
It's so tiny and happy!
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I love the expression.
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Aww, so cute! :aww:
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Aww! YAY for happy barn owl!
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I adore barn owls!
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