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Strawberry Dreams

By ursulav
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Happiness is a warm strawberry...


Just a very quick little sketc, 9 x 9 on Bristol. Original is for sale, prints available. Send a note or visit [link] for prices and details.
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Reminds me of my favorite book as a child! The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear. <3 I knew that book by heart. Love this!
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Aww reminds me of my childhood and the story about the giant strawberry...i'd forgotten that story
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Your artwork has been featured in my journal all about strawberries ;D ♥ [link]
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This is so precious. You should color it, unless you already have and I've just not gotten to it yet. :D :+fav:
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thank you for the wonderful drawing!!! i tattooed it on my belly yesterday :D
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ok is a warm strawberry like warm apple pie. . . . . .???
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this reminds me of the mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the bear.
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I loved your gallery! :XD:
This one is so cute and it's my favorite of your gallery!
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That reminds me of a children's book I read many years ago, I think it was called The Red Ripe Strawberry or something like that.. it was about a large bear who tried to steal a mouse's warm, red strawberry ^__^ apparently strawberries are more filling than we can imagine >_>;;
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It´s so cute!!!!
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Love it again...
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just realized that this print reminded me of a children's book i read at least once a week. lol The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear. Or, The Big Hungry Bear as the kids know it. Your drawing reminded me of the illustrations in the book. Written and Illustrated by Don Wood.
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I couldn't agree more!.....'cept for the...warm strawberry part...strawberries yeah....warm...I dunno :shrug: lol, its cute and fuzzy, loves it :+fav:
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This picture reminds me of my favorite picture book story when i was little. It was about a mouse and a giant strawberry, and somehow a lion figured into the story.. But in the end the mouse enjoyed a yummy strawberry. Ahhh... Childhood memories.
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My sister would love this. Fav fruit: strawberry. Fav animal: rodents. :) nice work
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Good pencil job ^^
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Aaaawwww.^_^Ees cute!I love mice and I lurve strawberries so this pic is awsome!But really I like your style of drawing!
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Cute drawing indeed. =)
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As strawberries go, I much prefer cold over warm. Preferrably bathed in cream and with a dash of sugar on top in the shade on a hot summer day :)
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*steals the strawberry and eats the hamster*

Oops. I mean;

*steals the hamster and eats the strawberry*

Heh heh. :paranoid:
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amazing drawing. beatles references are always good! :D
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this brightened my day a lot. great childhood memories, and now really strong strawberry cravings as well. great picture!
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Hmmm, this really reminds me of a book I used to read when I was seven/eight-ish... It was about a mouse who got a strawberry from a patch, and then had to hurry up and try and hide it/eat it so a bear wouldn't take it away... (Something like that.)

It was very cute, and this reminded me of it! Very lovely. :aww:
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