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From the journal of Lady Absentia Wrathbone:

August 11,

Have finally succeeded in sketching one of the clockwork insects present at this location. It appears at a distance to be a common skipper butterfly, but upon closer examination, it became apparent that there had been extensive technological modifications to the creature. Contrary to my initial expectations, the creature clearly possesses organic traits, and is not merely a clever mimic. Whether the technological additions were impressed upon the developing chrysalis, or were grafted upon an adult specimen is one of many mysteries that I hope to uncover in time.

While it is difficult to conceive of such tiny mechanisms, I am determined to keep an open mind as to the origins of such creatures. That idiot Farthington sent another missive to the Society's Proceedings claiming that these insects are the products of a race of miniature homonculi who are undergoing a very small Industrial Revolution, proceeded to speculate for two pages on society of said homonculi, including some clap-trap about their society being based on the Atlantean elder model. Fatuous moron. To believe in such a race without evidence is to believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden. For all we know, the insects are doing it themselves, and this is merely a more elaborate manifestation of the eusocial structure that leads to ant-hills and bee-hives. Cannot believe the Society continues to publish his letters. Can only hope that gout and general dissipation carry him off before he muddies the waters of this field of research any further.

Heat is beastly. Have chiggers in my knickers. Cannot get decent tea in this place--locals seem to feel that "tea" is a sticky mixture best suited to hummingbird food. Beginning to wish that I had stayed in England. However, if I am to publish a decisive monograph on the topic before Farthington--minus the homonculi--I must travel to where the insects are. I feel I am making progress. No discomfort is too great for science!


Macro photograph leads to macro art...or something like that. I was fascinated by all the tiny little bug bits on some of my photos, and cooked up this painting based on one of the photos, of a silver-spotted skipper butterfly with some significant additions.

Prints are available, in both regular and jumbo! If I sell twenty jumbo, I can afford a better macro lens! (Oh god, it's like heroin...) Order prints at: [link]

ETA: Welcome, Boing-Boingers! Nice to have you here!
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