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Starvation Moon

By ursulav
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This is a piece from the beginning of the year that I'm only now getting around to uploading.

Someone told me that deer starving in winter was a total myth. It made me angry. When I am angry, I return to my more gothic roots.

6 x 18, mixed media. Prints available: www.redwombatstudio.com/wpg2?g...
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So I read this several times and, if you'll allow me, I'd like to give my interpretation of the words.

Under the last moon of Winter: Until the end of time

We starved: We suffered

The hunger hollowed out our bones: The suffering left us feeling empty

We ate our dead: We tried to reconcile the past and the things we've done/had done to us

And found them still hungry inside us: and found that we could not. And those things will be with us forever.
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I am not so eloquent, but I like this very much. 
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The choice of words actually reminds me of wendigo myths I've heard before, which i think in some cases have a connection to deer. In any case this is terrifically spooky and intense.  
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Hey, I thought of the Wendigo too!
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Dang...hardcore.  I am so very much using imagery like this in the next story I write.
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Is it wrong if seeing this put a big grin on my face and made me say "That's Metal!"? Headbang! 
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It's dark, but beautifully powerful.
It impresses and depresses me all at once.
Remarkable work.
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Was thinking the same thing
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So fricking creepy!
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These gothic roots of yours look pretty damn amazing. And sound pretty damn amazing.

Can you give us a little more angry art, please?
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So chilling, and beautiful!
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...those words need to find themselves a story worthy of them.

...and that is a persuasive argument for putting hunting season at the end of autumn...it's better than starving. (Plus there's that much more food left for the deer that aren't killed by hunters.)
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I can't believe that people can pay that little attention. Of course the deer go hungry come winter -- too many deer, too little food. What to people think happen, manna from heaven? 

That rant over, this piece is perfect. 
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Ohgoodness, that is a striking image/text combo. :o
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...blatant and utter stupidity and the inability to grasp basic reality results in awesome artwork... I think you just found the purpose of utter morons.

...that said, I could still do without the utter morons. :|
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Powerful image, powerful words.  Wow.  Wow wow wow...
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So very awesome!
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Deer don't starve in the winter, they can just stop in McDonald's right? Don't they have grocery stores?

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This would be perfect as a bookmark. :)
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That is the most haunting thing I've seen in a while.
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Wait wait someone told you it was a MYTH? Ffffffffffscrew that. ...But hey, you made good art out of it.
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Deliciously creepy.
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This is really haunting and great!
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