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St. Snargus and the Trout


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The lesser-known St. Snargus was martyred at the age of forty-one, owing to a tragic fishing incident. Having caught a fish larger than his companion, Snargus would not stop claiming that his fish was THIS big.

Unfortunately for Snargus, his fishing companion was a pagan emperor who was generally not a bad sort, but intensely humorless about his fishing. When Snargus refused to shut up, or to recant his statement about the length of the fish, the emperor had both the saint and the fish were burned at the stake. Both were later beatified.

St. Snargus is thus the patron of anglers and looks with special favor upon those whose fishing companions leave something to be desired.

Another day, another saint! Snargus is a capybara. I wanted to paint a capybara with a fish because--weirdly enough--by special dispensation from Rome, capybara is considered fish if you're a Catholic. (i.e. you can eat it on Friday.) Go figure.

The nameless fish is in fact a cutthroat trout, and perhaps in keeping with the theme of these paintings, I kinda feel like I need to go to artist confessional now--"Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. Cutthroat trout are native to western North America, and capybara are a South American species." But they were pretty, damnit!

Anyway! Original for sale, probably goin' to AC. Prints available for $10 plus shipping, and the whole set of five saints will be available in jumbo for for $30 plus shipping. (I'm also looking into doing a wee little 4 x 6 print folio that would include all five and their respective descriptions, for $15 plus the journal for updates on that!)
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Lol, this is awesome!