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St. Heronius and the Yo-Yo


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Saint Heronius was a marauding warlord of the eleventh century, famed for the unspeakable atrocities committed upon his foes. Then one night, at the age of thirty, he had a vision of the Lord in the form of a flaming yo-yo, renounced his evil ways, and dedicated himself and his men to good works.

This lasted for about two months, whereupon the local populace, completely unable to deal with all the brigands who were trying to help them weed gardens, milk cows, and abducting little old ladies in order to help them across streets (the nearest street being some twenty miles distant, the toll on little old ladies was immense) rose up en masse and massacred the lot of 'em.

Cruelly martyred by angry little old ladies, St. Heronius, for no reason that anyone can determine, is now the patron of young lovers and cheesemongers.


Another saint! I'm feelin' like birds this time. St. Heronius is a great blue heron, in case it's not immediately obvious, a lovely local species (although, perhaps, not known for their yo-yo skills.)

Original is for sale, prints available for $10 plus shipping, send a note or visit [link] for details.
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CHEESEMONGERS!!!! What's a cheesemonger?