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Dodus, (of the Mauritian Doduses) was a zealot. He believed that he was right, and all other faiths that deviated one iota were wrong. Unfortunately, he didn't keep very good notes, so what Dodus may actually have believed is lost to history.

What IS known is that upon receiving word that an enemy sect was approaching the town, without waiting for further details and with visions of forced conversions dancing in his head, St. Dodus climbed out an eighth story window and hurled himself to his death, thus becoming the first and only person ever to be martyred by Unitarian Universalists.

The Unitarians felt just awful about the whole thing and had him beatified by way of apology, after which there was coffee and cookies. He is not the patron saint of anything, but a medal of St. Dodus worn around the neck is said to warn off hugs from well-meaning strangers.

...this one's for my Unitarian buddies, since I haven't picked on THEM yet. *grin*

St. Dodus is, obviously, a dodo (possibly in more ways than one.) Original is 6 x 9 ish. Wanted to try something different with the haloing this time, so I used the dark grey and made the whole thing less saturated--don't think it works quite so well. Possibly the thing is that saint icons tend to be garishly bright, so it just doesn't feel right. Oh well, live and learn... Original for sale, prints available for $10 plus shipping, send a note or visit [link] for details.
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What a whimsical mockery of the proud and much-underrespected species eradicated by the thoughtless action of the human race. I applaud the. Hahahahaha. No.