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St. Barnaby the Belligerent

By ursulav
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Saint Barnaby didn't like anybody. If this were a standard story of saints, he would have a conversion experience and become a friend to young and old alike, but it isn't, and he didn't. He didn't like anybody, he was born not liking anybody, he went to his grave not liking anybody.

Between those two events, however, he stood off three attacks by Huns on his monastery, more or less singlehandedly, because he didn't like armed raiders any more than he liked anybody else. Since the monastery was being used to house the wounded from all those Hun attacks at the time, he became a minor patron saint of hospitals and nurses, although he probably wouldn't have liked people praying to him anymore than he liked anything else.

Saint Barnaby is based on the obscure, but awfully cool Red River Hog, a wild pig found in Africa and Madagascar, who have some of the greatest eyebrows in the world.

The original is 6 x 9ish, going to the AC art show unless somebody really really needs it for their Red River Hog collection, and prints are available for $10 plus shipping. Send a note or visit [link] for details.
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Your Saints are a HOOT! Love them, they are so clever and the expressions on their faces are just perfect! :lol:
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Perhaps this a lesson. we are not racist, per se, we dislike everyone.
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They do, in fact, have red river hogs at the San Diego Wild Animal park, complete with baby hoglets. I love them.

Also your saint series is making me smile.
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we have those at our zoo! they have some dank-ass ears, i must say. Definately my favorite species, right next to the pygmy hogs.
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Barnaby says: I do NOT want to be in this picture! HMPH!
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You might appreciate the javalena (I think that's how it's spelled). It looks like a wild boar kind of but it's actually not related to the boar and it smells awful. You should check them out.
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I think that in not liking anyone he had to like everyone the same. Great history.
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Night elf pig. :D
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Seems like my kinda saint. Nice.
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My favourite saint :)
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Oh god, that's cute.
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Both character and history are adorable. The expression alone makes me giggle.
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again, your stories make me laugh so hard. keep 'em up! ^^
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simply awesome!!!!
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i hrt his head!
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I like it when you draw obscure animals. :P
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Nobody does annoyed better than a hog. Well, cats are okay at it, but still. :D
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i don't care nothng, but for wath hi did even if he was like he was... hes a saint for me (i dont believe in those things)
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you have such a creative take on things! I love it!
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At the risk of incurring St. Barnaby's wrath, he's very cool. :XD:
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You should write a book. And illustrate it. You'd be rich!
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