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Squishy the Neurotransmitter

This is Squishy.

Squishy is a neurotransmitter. His job is to carry messages around the brain. There are a lot of messages to carry, but there are a great many neurotransmitters, so Squishy only has to take one or two at a time.

Don't need another project, don't need another project, don't need another project. Should not have done a page of drawings at the last con with titles like "Squishy Climbs the Neuron" and "Squishy at the Synapse." Tried writing "This is not an epic!" on page. Unsure of success.

Squishy is approximately 8 x 6, mixed media (colored pencil, ink, acrylic) Original is for sale, prints available for $10 plus shipping, and I do not, under any circumstances, promise, suggest, or imply that there will be more art with Squishy lugging his message along.

Send a note or drop an e-mail to order prints or for information on the original.
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Amazingly brilliant!! :) (Smile) 
everythingelse07's avatar
This is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
SparrowWrightheart's avatar
This is cool :D And cute.
DreamingEdie's avatar
Such a cute way to learn how the brain works ^^ 
NiftyNautilus's avatar
Aww! He's so cute and I love your art and story for him! :)
MagixJoker's avatar
I would like to squish squishy with your permission. May I squish squishy?
Taem's avatar
I like Squishy!! It's a funny idea!! :D
I shall call it Squishy, and it shall be mine! And it shall be my Squishy!
Fracube's avatar
It's not effective...
-humanity must began transferring itself into the polises!)))
joffeorama's avatar
great concept, I'd love to see a Squishy book
Enraptured-Child's avatar
the cuteness...i....i can't even describe it ._.
SelfHelpGuru's avatar
Hooray for neurotransmitters.
cheeseisthebestevr's avatar
this just made bio so much better
Mercury-Blake's avatar
Ok, I love this. Both because it made me laugh and because it's a really good, simple way to explain what a neurotransmitter is (and I say this as someone who usually hideously confuses people when attempting to explain something even vaguely scientific.) The arches within the picture serve to focus the viewers' attention on Squishy, as does his lightness. It's a very cute, simple design.
nietmasjien's avatar
I already have stories filling my mind how he gets lost in the dark recesses of the brain (mine or yours is left to discover)
Kuromu's avatar
I wish they really were that cute, then I wouldn't screw at them so bad when they forgot to deliver the message or got confused and stuff.
never would have thought of that, amazing idea :-)
PumpkinPieSoup's avatar
Your drawing and your character bio are so adorable!
WaterWing-Chan's avatar
wow, very creative idea! i would read this book.
arafel's avatar
Faving for a variety of reasons:
my love of neurotransmitters.
The name squishy.
The description of squishy.
The ideas that followed this.
The fact I would pay like 50$ for a book about this.
Alizabith's avatar
Adorable idea. Adorable backstory. I will forevermore think of my brain as being inhabited by tiny squishy white adorable creatures. ^-^
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